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Pics of the Week: San Diego Zoo Trip

Written by Charlie

The pics of the week for this week are from a family trip to the San Diego Zoo, part of a big San Diego trip we took a couple of years ago. Enjoy!

Before Covid ever started, our family had been blessed to win a giveaway from Daily Getaways. Our plan had been to head to San Diego and do a bunch of things, many with the Go City pass (which we purchased with our giveaway funds as well). Well, Covid started and our trip got canceled. So, we rebooked things for a while later after everything in San Diego started reopening. Our family was able to enjoy a lot of San Diego and one of those things was the San Diego Zoo. It was certainly a great place to visit! Here are a few of the pictures I grabbed during our visit there.

Pics of the Week: San Diego Zoo Trip

The funny thing is that I am at a loss of memory about what a couple of these creatures are! So, if you know animals and can help, chime in in the comments with what you think the various animals are! 🙂

The featured image is one of the brown bears – and it was a large one! It was almost perfect backlit which gave it a really cool look.

Another large creature we saw is the gorilla. I love watching them move and live and this one was no exception.

Now, this is one of those creatures I need help with! I know it must be in the deer family but not sure which – a chital deer, perhaps? Let me know, if you know!

The Bengal tiger! Just resting here in this picture. One of the great things about these pictures is that all of them (or at least most of them) are taken through fences or some kind of protective measure. But, when you use a zoom lens, it helps to eliminate that and you can get right to the animal! So, it looks more like you are in the cage with them. 🙂

A cheetah, just chilling away in the shade – and probably thinking how good we humans look!

And, here is something else that I need help precisely identifying! If you know what kind of a duck this is, let me know!

So there you have my pics of the week for this week. This is from a trip back in the fall of 2020 and it certainly was a memorable one! Part of the reason I have been enjoying doing these pics of the week so far is I am digging more into all my pictures and putting them here on the blog makes sure that I can always easily find them or just personally scroll through them if I want. 🙂

We did so much on this trip and really made a lot of memories so it was definitely a highlight trip for our family! Sure, some things were not open in some places, due to Covid, but the majority were and the crowds were much smaller than normal which made things great for us!


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