Ordered an Apple Watch From Best Buy? Find Out About a $50 Gift Card!

apple watch from Best Buy
Written by Charlie

If you ordered an Apple Watch from Best Buy and it is delayed, it is ok! Find out about the $50 gift codes that are being sent out!

Like many other, I placed a preorder for an Apple Watch Series 2. I want to try it out to see if it will replace my beloved Garmin Fenix 3 (though I am thinking it will not for everything so may keep an older Garmin as well). I ordered my Apple Watch from Best Buy but it was not as straightforward as the site showed…

Ordered an Apple Watch from Best Buy?

I know many people ordered an Apple Watch from Best Buy simply because they were the only ones still showing a launch day delivery while Apple had already pushed out a couple weeks. Plus, Best Buy has their Rewards program and gift cards that can be purchased very cheaply so it made a good choice.

Delayed Preorders

As launch day (today, September 16) drew closer, our orders stayed at Preordered. It did not look good for September 16 delivery, or even shipping today. Sure enough, it was not good – e-mails were sent out on Wednesday that they had a delay and orders were pushed out.

The new delivery dates depend on when you ordered. My new delivery date is September 28 which is actually not bad for me. Other people got dates in October. Of course, people were upset about this since many people only ordered their Apple Watch from Best Buy because of the delivery timetable.

The $50 Gift Card / Certificate / Promotional Code

Best Buy did a great job of anticipating such disappointment and sent out an e-mail to buyers with a $50 gift card/certificate! This was an incredible gesture and one which they moved on without any prompting after sending the delayed e-mail (in fact, my official delayed e-mail came after the e-mail explaining the $50 gift card).

If you ordered an Apple Watch from Best Buy, make sure you check your e-mail as it was a separate e-mail from the Order Delay e-mail. The subject line reads “An update regarding your pre-order” so search for that if you do not remember getting the $50 gift card e-mail.

There are a couple of things to know about this certificate. It has an expiration date of 10/14/2016 so you will need to use it soon. Also, it says you cannot purchase Best Buy gift cards with it. Still, a very nice gesture with what they are officially calling a “promotional code” so not exactly the same as a gift card.

Did you order an Apple Watch from Best Buy? If it is delayed, check to see if you missed your $50 promotional code! If you did not receive one, contact Best Buy as they have sent these out to people who had their watches delayed.

Getting $50 on an order that cost a minimum of $369 is not a bad thing at all! So, I do thank Best Buy for following up like this. Most other retailers do not do this!

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