One Step At A Time

This little post would probably be better called one mile at a time, but I do not wish to cause any confusion with Lucky’s blog, One Mile At A Time. See, Lucky, now I can’t use that term even in a different context! 🙂 So, we will go with one step at a time.

It has now been over two weeks since my tough Dubai Marathon (don’t worry – reviews on hotels and the race itself are coming soon). It was hard dealing with a disappoint race like that (you can read about overcoming a disappointing race here). Because of many problems I had been having with my left leg (shin splints but thought at one point it may be a stress fracture – very painful) and because of the toughness of the program I had followed (best training cycle I have ever had), I took about 10 days off.

one step at a time

Last week, I started up again. I probably would have just rested a bit more but you really can’t do that with another marathon coming up in three weeks (now two weeks). 🙂 My first run last week was pretty rough. I felt great for the first mile but then it got a lot more difficult. It is amazing how only 10 days of no running can cause months of training to slip away. I ended up with just 40 miles last week after a 16 mile run that went ok.

Today, I had to go back out for another run. I really did not feel like it at all. But, I knew I had to get out and just start running one step at a time. It turned out to be a beautiful day (65 degrees) and the run went far better than I could have hoped. I had planned on trying to do some speed stuff just to check on how I was doing. I did a lot better than I had thought.

There are many times it is difficult to get out and run. The key is to get outside and start moving one step at a time. It may be difficult after a prolonged time away or a difficult race, but the second and third steps are always easier!

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