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New Smart Insoles Can Help Make You a Better Runner

Written by Charlie

If you want to extract every bit of data for your running possible, the new NURVV Run smart insoles for runners can give it all to you! It could make you a better runner and improve your running health.

Welcome to CES week – the week of the much anticipated Consumer Electronics Show. This is where the big boys come to roll out some major tech advances that we will see come to a more mainstream fruition by the end of the year and many newer, smaller companies try to make a splash with some cool piece of tech you never knew you needed. As a runner and traveler (and all around gadget geek), I always follow along with what is released and will be posting later this week with a roundup of that tech that will work in those categories.

NURVV – The Smart Insoles to Make You a Better Runner

Link: NURVV Run the Smart Insoles for Runners

When I got into running, one of the things that drew me to it was the fact that all you needed was some clothes to get sweaty in and a pair of running shoes – simple and relatively cheap as hobbies go! While that is still possible, the tech in the running world has really changed in the last 12 years.

Now, we have a variety of smartwatches that work great for runners to provide not just speed and distance but also more data and music on the go. We have “smart” coaches that are app-based and use the feedback from our watches (or shoes) to help improve our running. We have those smart shoes that have data at the point where it all happens. We also have shoes that use certain materials to help propel you faster than ever and give you a 4% increase in your marathon time (so signified by their name and by laboratory data).

Now, the company NURVV has revealed their smart insoles that will capture all of that data at the best possible place – your feet – and crunch all the data and numbers to help coach you to improve your running style. Coaching plans are helpful but giving you time goals and repeats can only take you so far. Having the kind of data that these smart soles can provide could help you to have a longer time of running as it helps you with your pronation, your stride, your foot fall, and many more data points.


At least this is what NURVV is telling us! And, they are willing to put that tech in your hands (or, rather, on your feet) later this month for $300 for the package. Yes, that is pricey. But, if you are a runner that wants to gain every bit of advantage physically possible or you want to examine your foot health to see how you can improve your running style, it could be worth it. Plus, I am guessing we will see the price come down within the year.

How Will This Make You a Better Runner?

How will this all help you become a better runner? Anytime you can break down your running mechanics, it gives you the look at what is going on and how to perfect things. Seeing all that data is not enough, however. Garmin watches give you things like ground contact time, stride length, vertical oscillation, etc but it doesn’t really tell you how to take that information and improve. The Nurvv Run app gives you that information and tells you how to take advantage of it.

This all connects to your iPhone and your Apple Watch to give you all the data right on your phone.

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