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New Sleeping Pods Available at Istanbul Airport – Great Way to Rest During a Layover

Written by Charlie

The new Istanbul Airport now has sleep pods that can help you to recharge – and your electronics. This is a great way to get some rest during your layover!

If you are flying Turkish Airlines, it is not uncommon to have a layover that may leave you at the airport for a few hours. If you have such a layover overnight and you don’t have lounge access (or a long enough layover to get a free hotel stay), these new sleeping pods should be a nice way to get a little rest.

New Sleeping Pods Available at Istanbul Airport

The iGA Sleep Pod (iGA is the owner of Istanbul Airport) is now available in the Istanbul Airport. There are currently 24 pods in total and the prices differ based on the time of day. The rate is hourly and is €6 per hour for rentals between 7AM and 7PM and €9 per hour for rentals between 7PM and 7AM. If you want the add-on package of blanket, pillow, and pillow case, it will cost an extra €2 total.

For a quick 3 hour nap during the day, that would cost you €18. Not a bad price if you want to get a little sleep in between flights. With each pod comes a charging port for your electronics and a storage area for your luggage.

There is a hotel located both airside and landside but airside rates are €151 and up for the night. So, unless you have more than one person and you want a longer rest time, the new Istanbul airport sleep pods could be a winner.

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