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New “Amazon Day” and Free Shipping for All!

Written by Charlie

A little bit of Amazon news that includes a new “Amazon Day” that is currently invite-only as well as free shipping for everyone – with no minimum order amount.

It was funny – I was watching a football game recently and saw the advertisement for Walmart, talking about how they offer 2 day free shipping without a membership. Well, that ad is not out-of-date as Amazon has just made free shipping for everyone! Not only that, but they are trialing a new shipping thing called “Amazon Day” to be introduce to Prime Members – eventually.

Amazon Free Shipping

Link: Amazon Free Shipping

From now through the end of the holiday shopping season (aka, items arriving before Christmas day), Amazon is getting rid of the $25 minimum of free 2 day shipping for non-Prime members and allowing everyone to get it for free.

This works for all items shipped and sold by Amazon but they will exclude those little things that have the “add-on” language with them (you still need to get over the $25 threshold for those). This will be available to all Amazon members, not just Prime.

As Doctor of Credit said here, I really wish and hope that Amazon does something for those of us who do pay a membership fee for this bullet point feature of the program. Yeah, there are a lot of other things we get, but the free shipping is definitely a big selling point of theirs. Something tells me that there will be some good stuff for Prime members, however…

New “Amazon Day” – Pick Your Delivery Day

No, this isn’t the fall version of “Prime Day” (that is a little thing called Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Instead, it is a rather great idea of allowing Prime members to select a particular day of the week that they would like all of their packages delivered.

This is very handy for sure! I mean, with things like Alexa now, Prime members are doing more casual ordering than ever before and this involves deliveries being made all throughout the week – sometimes twice in a day! For people that would still prefer to get all of their packages at once or that will not be home and don’t want them left at the door, the new Amazon Day would be a great way to ensure you get all of your stuff when you want it – no matter when you order it.

This will be available on all items with the two-day Prime shipping option. It is being rolled out right now as an invite-only program to certain members but Amazon said they will be rolling it out even more over the coming months. This will work for any day that you would normally get Amazon deliveries – including on weekends. They would still be able to choose which packages they want to be delivered in this way.

This is sure to save Amazon some money on the delivery front and also cut down on the amount of packaging that is used. So, again, it will save Amazon money. It would be nice if they throw a little something towards the Prime customers that regularly take advantage of this, like maybe more video credits?


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