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National’s Rent Twice, One Free Day Promo Is Live [Free Car Rental Days]

Written by Charlie

National’s promo of renting twice and getting a free rental is alive and ready! Earn free rentals with this great promo.

National car rental offers some great perks with their program, especially for their elite members. It is super easy to get their Executive status as well (check this post) and that allows you to choose whichever vehicle you want in the Emerald Aisle simply by booking a mid-size or better vehicle.

National’s Rent Twice, One Free Day Promo Is Live

They also have a great rental car promo they run called “One Two Free” – basically, you will get a free rental day for every 2 rentals that are 2 days or longer. I used this last year and got a great value out of the free day!


Great promo from National to earn free rentals!

Promo Sign-Up (this is a referral that will give me 300 points if you sign-up for the promo and rent)

The promotion works like this – get a free 1 day rental for every 600 points earned. These points can be earned through a variety of activities in addition to actual rentals. The biggest point earner for activities involves referring people to sign-up for the promo and actually do a rental. If you have not signed up yet, you can sign-up for the promo here and I will earn 300 points (thank you!). Feel free to leave your referral address in the comments for others to use so you can get points as well.

Earning The Points

Here are the activities you can do to earn points (in addition to the 300 points you automatically receive for every 2 day or longer rental):

  • Take a survey – 50 points
  • Drive Alliance site visit – 50 points
  • Emerald reserve service – 25 points
  • Rent in Europe – 300 points
  • Weeklong rental – 200 points
  • Neighborhood rental – 200 points
  • Refer a friend – 300 points (up to 3,000 points)
  • Latin American/Caribbean rental – 300 points
  • Add GPS – 250 points
  • Mobile app rental – 75 points
  • Fuel service option – 250 points

This promo runs from today through January 31, 2016. Start earning!

Do make note – since you are receiving a free day, you may want to consider adding insurance to the rental since credit card/personal insurance may not cover. Check with your insurance provider to be sure.

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