My First Upgrade With… Aegean Airlines?!

Aegean Gold
Written by Charlie

Aegean Airlines is now my hometown airline. While I have used a couple of other airlines here, the majority of my flights have been and will be on Aegean (at least to get out of Greece). I wrote before about how easy Aegean Airlines makes it to receive Star Alliance Silver and Star Alliance Gold status and why you should get Aegean status. I still find it to be one of the best status deals around. In fact, I recently matched my Aegean Gold status to Etihad Airways and Air Berlin, so Aegean Gold can be useful beyond just benefits within the Star Alliance.

Aegean Gold

Aegean Airlines has many benefits for their Gold members. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Star Alliance Gold status (which gives priority check-in, priority boarding, priority baggage, extra baggage allowance, lounge access)
  • Fast Track Security lane at multiple airports served by Aegean Airlines
  • Lounge access to all of Aegean’s lounges
  • Rental car upgrades with Hertz (within Greece)
  • Other perks for people in Greece

Something that is not listed is cabin upgrades. That is because international carriers do not offer upgrades in the same way the US carriers do for domestic flights. It is not really a major loss, though, because the business class seats on inter-European flights are actually not different from economy class seats. It is the same seat with slightly more legroom and the middle seat blocked off. So, instead of 3 seats to a row, there are only 2 that are available to sit. This gives a little more space while not having to install different seats. However, even though the seats are nothing too different, the meal and drink service is better than coach. I actually really like Aegean’s economy class meals. I find them to be the best in-flight coach meals that I have had on any airline. So, business class meals are even better.

Anyway, on my return flight through London last week, I was boarding the plane (priority boarding, thanks to the Aegean Gold status) when the machine gave out a familiar triple beep that I have been used to hearing on US airlines when I get my upgrade. I wondered what the problem was but the agent said, “We have upgraded you to business class for this flight, sir. Have a nice flight.” I am assuming it is because the plane might have been full and they had to move someone to business, why not make it one of the few (maybe only?) Aegean Gold member on the flight?!

I realize that I cannot really expect this but it was a nice gesture and I did appreciate the extra room for the red-eye flight. Not only did I get an upgrade, but they also bumped up my fare class which allowed me to receive additional miles for the trip. Thanks, Aegean! I am really enjoying my status with them and looking forward to my next flights.


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