More Stimulus Checks Going Out – Here is Who Is Getting Them

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Many more stimulus checks are being sent out – some already have been. Here is who is getting them and why. Also, some people may need to do one thing first.

There are still many people that did not get their full stimulus amount from earlier this year. That equals many thousands of people who should be getting checks or direct deposits soon. Here is information on who gets them and what some people need to do.

More Stimulus Checks Going Out

In the first round of stimulus checks, there were many people that did not get the amount that they should have received – for many reasons. Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons was due to being claimed as a dependent on someone else’s taxes, which made them ineligible to receive the stimulus money on their own. If they were 17 or older, that meant that the person who claimed them would not get the money for them either.

But, there were three other groups of people who did not get their full stimulus money – and those checks have either gone out already or will be going out in the next several weeks.

People Who Receive SSI or VA Benefits with Dependents (who are eligible children under the age of 17)

The people who did not receive the money right away were mostly people who were on social security benefits or VA benefits. For these Americans, they may not have filed returns (because they did not need to) and their information was with the different branches of the Treasury Department so it took a while to get that information to the IRS to get payments out for.

Among those were also the people on SSI or VA benefits who had eligible dependents (children 16 and younger). For these people, in order to receive the $500 payment for each dependent, it was required to fill out the Non-Filer’s Tool. Unfortunately, there was a glitch prior to May 17 and everyone who filled it out did not have the dependent registered.

People Who Did Not Make Enough to File Tax Returns

So, a couple of weeks ago, those payments started going out. But, there were still many that did not get all the money. Some of them fit into those categories and still others were those Americans who did not make enough money to file and may not have filled out the Non-Filer’s Tool in time.

For these people, this is the $1,200 for individuals, $2,400 for a couple filing jointly. Plus, the $500 for any eligible dependents they had.

What These Two Groups Need to Do

Now, the IRS has reopened the Non-Filer’s Tool to allow for those that did not fill it out the first time to get their information in. Also, anyone who did not receive the $500 for a dependent and filled out the form before May 5, they need to fill out this Non-Filer’s tool again.

For those who received Social Security, SSI, RRB or VA benefits and have not used the Non-Filers tool to provide information on their child, they should register online by Sept. 30 using the Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here tool, available exclusively on Remember, anyone who filed or plans to file either a 2018 or 2019 tax return should file the tax return and not use this tool.

Some people should have already received this stimulus via direct deposit (around August 5). For those receiving their money through the mail, those checks should arrive soon.

50,000 Spouses Who Lost Their Money Due to Past-Due Child Support (by their Spouse)

Ok, this is a very specific number and very specific category. Apparently, there were some that had their money diverted to the past-due child support of the spouse that they had filed taxes with (even those that had filed the Form 8379 Injured Spouse Allocation). This was not supposed to happen (though it would happen for the person who did have past-due child support, it just wasn’t supposed to happen to the spouse of that person).

So, for 50,000 people, they did not receive the money they were supposed to have received. I know I had received many comments and e-mails from people in this category so I am happy that this will be resolved!

What Do These People Need to Do

Nothing at all! Checks will go out in early to mid September for those people in the above group. The single exception will be those that did not deceive their stimulus money due to the above reason but also didn’t file the Form 8379. For those people, your checks will still be sent out but the IRS does not have a date on when that will happen next.

Bottom Line

It does not look good for those that were hoping for a second round of stimulus checks but at least those who were left out from the first round should be getting their part of it! I’m thankful that the IRS is acting on this and getting it done without requiring much of anything from the recipients!

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