Miss Out On A SPG Auction? You May Still Have a Shot!

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Written by Charlie

It can be frustrating to plan on bidding for some awesome SPG auction with your Starpoints – only to forget what time it ended! Or, maybe it went for more than you planned on spending in points. Well, you may still have a shot because of something you might have missed.

SPG Moments are some of my favorite redemption options with SPG points. This is because they can offer some great experiences otherwise not available. But, sometimes those auctions end and you didn’t realize it or it went for more than you wanted.

Miss Out on that SPG Auction? You May Still Have a Shot!

SPG Moments =/= Marriott Moments

Don’t worry – your chance at that auction may not be completely gone! This is thanks to Marriott running their own “Moments” packages. Marriott and SPG have many of the same packages but at different prices and with different end dates. This means you can take advantage of one of the offers that you may have missed and maybe even pay less than it went for on SPG!

The same can be true for the reverse. There are some Marriott Moments that end before their SPG counterparts. The Marriott Moments do not get as much play so you may be able to score a better deal over there for the same thing as the SPG Moments package.

Examples of Playing SPG and Marriott Off Each Other

Let’s look at two examples:

Dinner in the Sky in Athens with Hotel Stay

SPG auction

This SPG auction ended the other day at 31,000 Starpoints

I wrote about this offer previously and my wife and daughter have actually done it. It is a fabulous event and value! The SPG version ended at 31,000 Starpoints and it ended the other day.

SPG Auctions

This same packaged ended days after the SPG version

What if you had wanted to take advantage of this and you forgot? Well, the Marriott version ended just this morning! That means you could have hopped over to Marriott Moments days after the SPG Moments version ended and still had a shot. And, it ended at 75,000 points, which equals 25,000 Starpoints – an even better deal!

All-Star Package

This year, the MLB All-Star packages went for a lot more than they had last year. There was one particular, the Watch Batting Practice from the Field that included tickets to all All-Star events, that went for 180,000 Starpoints over at the SPG Moments site. It ended May 23.

SPG auctions

The MLB All-Star package went for far less (after conversion of points) than the SPG version

Well, on the Marriott Moments side, that same package ended one day earlier, May 22. The ending price? 377,000 Marriott points. That equals 125,000 Starpoints – a savings of 55,00 Starpoints over what the SPG version went for!

This means you could have secured the same package a day earlier than the SPG version ended and for a lot less than the SPG one went for.

What Does This Mean for You?

Make sure you check both the SPG Moments website and the Marriott Moments website. They have many of the same packages but with varying ending dates and the bidding is not linked to the other site, meaning you could get a better deal on one site over the other

Conver Points Seamlessly

Of course, if you have the points in either Marriott or SPG, you can easily move them back and forth to take advantage of these opportunities. The ratio is 1:3 SPG to Marriott so keep that in mind when you are looking at the prices on both sites.

Check out this page to start the transfer process from one program to the other.


This opportunity will only exist for a few more months so make sure you check out the packages now that you want to take advantage of and keep an eye on them. You could save thousands of points by redeeming for the same package on one site over the other!

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