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Miles and Points Sprint: Changes Coming To Southwest, Companion Pass Cheap and Easy (For Atlanta Residents), Expedia Canceling Reservations, More

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Written by Charlie

Happy Saturday to everyone! I hope that everyone is having a good first full day of a long weekend (for Americans who get Monday off)!

Here is some of the news from the last couple of days that you should take note of and where you can find more details.

Changes Coming To Southwest

Southwest has sent out a vague e-mail informing everyone of changes coming to the way some of their points are redeemed on “some” flights on “some” days. They had made a devaluation to their points last March and no one is looking forward to what may be coming in April. My guess is that some of that will have to deal with international flights as using Southwest points combined with their Companion Pass is easily the best way for travel to their international destinations. See Mommy Points post for all the details and more.

Companion Pass Cheap and Easy For Atlanta Residents

Speaking of the Southwest Companion Pass, Southwest is making a hard play with Delta in Atlanta by offering Atlanta residents an insane deal for the Companion Pass. The offer is to simply fly 3 roundtrip flights from Atlanta and earn the Companion Pass through the end of 2015! This is an amazing deal! The Companion Pass normally requires the earning of 110,000 points (whether through credit card bonuses, spending, or flying) so this is a tremendous value. MJ On Travel has all of the details and registration information on his post here.

Expedia Canceling Hotel Reservations From Promo

Expedia ran a great promo this past week that was tiered towards hotel spending. It offered $100, $150, or $200 off hotel stays of 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days, respectively. It was a great deal and one that was not hard to believe as Orbitz and Visa Checkout ran a deal late last year that actually was $100 off with no minimum nights. However, now Expedia is claiming that the terms were not real and that it was never intended to be extended as the offer was explained.

When the deal came out, I was surprised a bit that they did not require a Discover card to make the booking as that is what the sale name alluded to when added  (it used the word Discover, not necessarily card). Now, they have canceled people’s hotel reservations which is a very customer-unfriendly thing to do. Fortunately, my hotel reservation is actually already in progress so I shouldn’t have a problem, but many people are having problems. I am guessing that it was a joint offer from Discover and Expedia and Discover will not cover their part of the sale since the terms did not stipulate that you must use a Discover card. Miles to Memories has been keeping up on these goings on and you can read more about it here.

Get 10 Free GoGo Codes With Amex Business Platinum

News came out last year that American Express was going to be offering GoGo in-flight internet codes to business cardholders at some point and that has gone live this week. This is yet another great way to recoup some of that high annual fee on your Amex Business Platinum card. I, unfortunately, do not have mine anymore (I have the personal instead). If you do have it, or a corporate card, you will be able to sign-up for those 10 GoGo codes. Doctor of Credit has all the information and how to sign-up here.

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