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Mid-Month Summary

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Ok, we have covered a lot of stuff here in the past couple of weeks and I thought it would be a good idea to give a general overview of what was covered for anyone who is just joining us.

December 29 – What’s the Deal with Mile Programs? – An introduction into how mileage bonuses work within the credit card system

December 30 – Trip Report: Fargo Marathon – An overview of a fantastic marathon and what it took for me to get there

December 31 – Planning Your Trip – Selecting a Frequent Flyer Program – Which frequent flyer system to start collecting miles in based on what your upcoming trip is

January 1 – Trip Report: Badwater 135 (and how to turn airline inconveniences to your benefit) – An overview of the grandaddy of ultras – Badwater – and the troubles I had in getting there (and what good came of it)

January 2 – Great Resources and Tips for the Flyer – Some of the resources I use that make traveling easier and more convenient

January 2 – Glossary of Airline Terms – Wait a minute, what did that acronym stand for again? Defining some of the language you will see in this blog and others

January 3 – What’s the Deal with Elite Status? – An overview of what is involved in the elite portion of frequent flyer programs

January 3 – Destination – Asia – A first in our weekly series highlighting various marathons around the world and how to get there for cheap

January 4 – What’s the Deal with Fare Classes? (or, why are these flights so expensive?) – Answering the question of why the same exact seat can price out at 13 different prices 🙂

January 4 – Trip Report: North Coast 24 Hour Championship – An overview of this great 24 hour race and the roundabout way I took to get there for free

January 5 – Do Credit Card Bonuses Really Give “Free” Tickets? – An examination of what that free ticket is really costing you (or not!)

January 5 – What’s the Deal with Airline Alliances? – An overview of the major airline alliances and how this knowledge can benefit you in planning your trip

January 6 – What’s the Deal with the Different Credit Cards? – An overview of the types of credit cards and which ones benefit which type of traveler

January 7 – What Do I Do First? – A beginning guide to help someone plan to begin planning 🙂

January 7 – The Continental and United Merger – An overview on how to work with this merger and make your different accounts work better for you

January 8 – The Chase United Mileage Plus Credit Card – 50,000 miles after 1st use – An instruction guide on how to take advantage of one of the best airline credit card deals currently available

January 8 – Trip Saver – Continental Airlines Promo – Fly to Europe and Africa for up to 25% Fewer Award Miles – A look at a great promo with which to use your miles (UPDATE: now expired)

January 9 – Travel Question: How much time should I allow between applying for a credit card offer and the trip I am planning? – A look at your trip timeline when applying for credit cards

January 10 – Advantages of Being an “Elite” Flyer – An overview of how elite status might help you on your trips

January 11 – US Airways Credit Card – Up To 40,000 Bonus Miles – A look at another good credit card offer that you can put to good use

January 12 – Chase Sapphire Preferred – 50,000 Point Bonus Offer – A look at one of the best flexible point credit card offers currently available

January 13 – Destination – North America – The second installment of our weekly “Destination” series – this time a look at how you can get to one of the best marathons in the US for almost nothing

January 14 – UPDATE: United Chase Credit Card Offer – An update on the validity of the recently posted 50,000 bonus mile opportunity


And there you go! We will do this every two weeks to give everyone a chance to see what they might have missed. Thanks for reading!

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