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New Mansions, Penthouses, & Luxury Homes May Be Coming To Airbnb Soon

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Written by Charlie

A new level of luxury may be rolling out from Airbnb later this year as they test some very high end properties for customers that want the best!


There’s no question that Airbnb has made themselves an invaluable piece of the hospitality market, both for people wanting a place to stay and those wanting to rent out their place. Not only that but they have also become a go-to for the families who travel to cities and countries that have annoying occupancy restrictions at a low number (like most places around Europe for 3 – 4 people). It appears now that Airbnb may be opening up another segment of this rent-out-your-home market with a special tier that caters to those wanting that extra special, luxurious stay.

New Mansions, Penthouses, & Luxury Homes May Be Coming to Airbnb Soon

According to various reports last month, Airbnb may be rolling out such a new service in certain markets for testing by the end of this year. This special tier is supposedly called “Airbnb Lux” within the company and it seeks to offer a upscale place for people who really want to pay for it.

Sure, there are some luxury places available within the Airbnb catalog of homes now and they include castles and other luxurious homes and mansions. But, this new tier would have inspections to ensure that it is filled with only the best for those wanting that level of luxury.

airbnb lux

One example of a beautiful large home available on Airbnb now at pretty high nightly rates

Opportunity with Airbnb Deals?

I am sure these places are not going to be cheap! However, Airbnb does have some great offers, gift card deals, and potentially a credit card of their own/using points within their system and this could present some nice opportunities to get some great value for that special occasion.

There are already some opportunities to use points for Airbnb but not as great as they could be:

  • redeeming Ultimate Reward points for Airbnb gift cards (not a good idea)
  • Using points from a card like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus with statement credits
  • Using Membership Reward points for Airbnb gift cards

Earlier this year, Airbnb acquired a luxury rental company (Luxury Retreats) that had over 4,000 properties in their system. Already, Airbnb has at least that base to roll something significant out.

At the very least, it should be interesting to see what these rentals would look like and how they would be priced, even if they are way out of the realm of potential for many of us!

HT: Bloomberg

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