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Lost Luggage Returned – 20 Years Later

Who has not had an airline delay their luggage?  We often say they have “lost” our luggage but the domestic airlines are certainly getting better at being able to track the delayed luggage – even on the airline’s app.

The worst I have experienced was when an airline did not find my luggage at all during my stay. I only got it back when I was at the airport heading home :). I have been very fortunate to never have had an airline actually lose my luggage permanently, though.

Lost Luggage Returned After 20 Years?

This woman, Maria Dellos, obviously thought her luggage had been lost forever. That is, until she received a call 20 years later from an agency that was not even in existence when the luggage was lost. The TSA had found the bag in a lost-and-found area in the Tucson airport. No one has any idea where the luggage had been or why it just came out now. The TSA said that they had been moving some things around and that may have been how they found it.

Inside were art supplies that the woman had purchased at a trade show. Apparently all the items were still in the bag. I couldn’t help but chuckle at a quote that the woman gave (bolding mine) – “I’m absolutely thankful to the TSA for calling me today and giving me great faith back into the airline industry.” It is not often that you have people expressing such degrees of thankfulness to the TSA. 🙂

HT: News 4 Tucson

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