Watch This! A 40,000 Piece LEGO Model of the Emirates A380 with First Class Suites and More!

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Check out the video and pictures of a 40,000 piece LEGO Emirates A380, complete with passengers, first class suites, and more – weighing 90 pounds!

Yes, as a young boy, I was a huge fan of LEGOs. As a father, I am still a fan of LEGOS with my kids who like them as well. 🙂 I’m also an aviation geek so to see both of these come together with something extraordinary, it is definitely worth seeing! Check out this 7 foot wide, 6 foot long LEGO model of an Emirates A380.

A 7 Foot LEGO Model of the Emirates A380 with First Class Suites and More!

This has been around for almost a year now but someone just brought my attention to it recently. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is your chance to read about it and see it as well!

An online creator, Big Planes, does LEGO models of many different kinds of aircraft but the biggest is the Emirates A380. It is a 1/40 scale model and weighs a whopping 90 pounds! It took him 10 months to create this amazing model!

It has everything like the bar, economy, premium economy, business class, and first class suites. It also has the first class shower spa and cockpit!

To make it even better, it is filled with passengers and Emirates flight attendants! It is really a sight to behold and you can see the full album here and watch a video of his tour of the LEGO Emirates A380! Very interesting to watch and something any aviation geek would likely enjoy.

He used four “power function” motors for the engines so they are actually working. Plus, he has powered flaps.

Here is something else amazing – before he made the LEGO Emirates A380, he had actually never been on the plane itself. But, when Emirates heard about it and saw it, they flew him to Dubai on it so he could check it out in person. Very cool!


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To check out more of his planes, including a British Airways 777 and Air Force One, check out this Flickr page here.

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