Latest MacBook 12″ Is On Sale for $350 Off Regular (New) Price – Great Laptop for On the Go

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The latest MacBook 12″ is on sale from Woot for $350 off the regular price for new models. This is a great laptop for on the go – perfect for bloggers, students, or really anyone that needs to be portable. With new models coming, the prices will likely drop again and more but if you need one now, here is a deal.

Over the years since I had switched from Windows to Mac, I have owned and used a number of MacBooks. Being a blogger and a traveler requires me to be somewhat portable so I had used the 12″ MacBook for a while and it was an amazing machine. It allowed me to do my writing, e-mails, and then to do things that cheaper laptops just couldn’t keep up with – things like photo editing and even basic video editing.

Latest MacBook 12″ Is On Sale for $350 Off Regular (New) Price

Yeah, these are pretty small and thin!

Link: Space Gray | Rose Gold | Silver | Gold – All are $949

However, over time, my needs in a laptop grew while the laptops themselves shrunk so I have since moved up to a 15″ MacBook Pro. But, not a week goes by that I don’t wish I still had the 12″! My wife has one so I do use it at times (but with it being Rose Gold, I don’t like to carry it around a city with me!).

Normal Sale Prices?

We typically will see sales on these little machines from Best Buy, sometimes getting as low as $999 (for the base model). When that happens, it brings the certified open-box models down as low as $749. So, it is possible to get a great deal if you look around.

This time, this deal comes from Woot, fulfilled by Amazon (you order from Amazon just like normal – it is one of their Deals of the Day). At a price of $949, it is not cheap but it is also a nice deal if you are into the MacOS and you want the ultimate in portability. That is something that is true for students as well as any one who steps out from the home or office and needs to do some work on the road.

Note: These are not “new” but sold in “new condition” and this is how Woot describes them – “These Macbook are NEW in condition, but come with a Woot warranty. This is why we can offer a discount. These were originally intended as warranty replacements, and held by Apple to support their customers. Now we offer them to you!”

New Models Coming

Word of warning – Apple is expected to release new 12″ MacBooks in October and also replace the aging MacBook Air 13″ with a retina version of some kind. I am sure that, while this is a good price, we will see great deals in October as this model is phased out. But, if you want one now for school or anything else, this is the best deal on latest models at this time.


This is the base model of the 12″, meaning it has a m3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. If you find a good deal on one, it is definitely worth going for the next model up since it brings an i5 with a 512GB SSD. To me, that model is the sweet spot in the lineup.

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