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Last Day To Get The 72,000 Point IHG Card Offer

Chase IHG
Written by Charlie

I know that Chase/IHG have decided to stretch out when you can apply for the 70,000 point offer, but this particular version of the offer expires today. If you want to get an extra 2,000 points for applying, today is the day.

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Chase IHG

chase ihg 70,000 + 2,000 point application link

Extra 2,000 Points

The sign-up bonus itself is still the new/normal 70,000 points but these extra 2,000 points are being offered as part of the current “set your sights” IHG promo. To get the bonus, you must apply through the link on this page which specifies the extra 2,000 point bonus. Also, you must have a IHG Rewards number and enter it on the application! Sign-up for an account here.

The sign-up bonus requires you to spend $1,000 in 3 months to receive the 70,000 sign-up bonus.

It is not too often that you see a bonus offered just for applying for a credit card. Of course, it is not worth a hard pull on your credit just for 2,000 points, but if you were planning on signing up for the card anyway, might as well take what you can get!

Tip: Many people have mentioned that they have still been able to get the 80,000 point sign-up bonus by messaging Chase and asking about it (there is still an advertisement page for the offer though the application link is no longer working). The good part is that the extra 2,000 points in this offer are offered by IHG, not Chase, so getting switched to the 80K IHG offer through messaging Chase will not mess up the 2,000 points offered on this link.

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Is It Worth It For 2,000 Extra Points?

While any amount of points can come in handy in particular situations, I certainly do not think the 2,000 points is worth upsetting any type of scheduled card application system you have in place.

At the same time, 2,000 points is 40% of what is needed for a PointBreaks hotel! Still, that 2,000 points can be easily accumulated through spending (2x points at grocery stores) or through another bonus that IHG may run. However, if you were thinking of applying for this card, this would be a good offer to take advantage of.

Who Is Eligible?

There was some talk when I wrote this about the terms of this offer. The way I read the point that is notated next to the 2,000 points, as long as you apply for the card through the link on that page, you are good to go. It is true that some members were receiving the task of applying for this card as part of the “Set Your Sights” promo (which, to be honest, I did not realize is acceptable – to require application of a credit card of certain individuals as part of fulfilling the bonus requirements for the promo), that promo runs through the end of April and this card offer expires today. Also, the notated portion of the offer terms (tied to the 2,000 points) does not specify that you must have received the offer as targeted.

It comes down to this. I probably wouldn’t apply for this just for the extra 2,000 points, but if you were going to apply for this card anyway, might as well get the most points that you can!

After applying and receiving the points, it would be worthwhile (within the 90 day period that Chase allows) to message Chase and asked to be matched to the 80,000 point offer. This way, you could actually get 82,000 points!

Here the terms for this extra point promo for those interested:

**Must be an IHG® Rewards Club member and must register your member number in advance to participate in this Offer. IHG® Rewards Club member may only receive total amount of points once. Points compliments of IHG® Rewards Club. This Offer will only be rewarded on IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card applications submitted through this “Into the Nights” promotional site between January 21, 2015 through March 31, 2015. Chase Bank USA, N.A. is not responsible for fulfillment of the bonus points Offer for applying for the card through the Into the Nights Promotion. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for bonus points to be posted onto your account. IHG reserves the right of final interpretation. So that you are awarded your 2,000 point bonus for applying, Chase will provide only your Member ID to IHG®.

By the way, love that IHG reserves the right to make the final interpretation of these terms and details. 🙂

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