Last Chance: Transfer Amex Points to Avios with 40% Bonus – Great for this Cheap First Class Flight or Short-Haul Flights

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If you want short-haul flights in the US from just 5,300 Amex points or even the opportunity to try out British Airways First Class for just 13K Amex points, this transfer bonus is for you and you need to transfer by tonight!

This is the last day for this Avios transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards. If you have been putting off doing this transfer (which is always a good idea if you don’t have a use in mind), you may want to make that decision today! Besides, at this rate, it is always nice to have at least 7,500 Avios – just in case you do need a short-haul flight on American or Alaska at the last minute.

Last Chance: Transfer Amex Points to Avios with 40% Bonus

Link: 40% Transfer Bonus from Amex to Avios

Transfer Bonus Details:

  • Minimum transfer is 1000 Membership Rewards points.
  • Redeem for this exclusive offer from 12:00 a.m. MT on September 15, 2018 to 11:59 p.m. MT on November 15, 2018, to receive 40% additional Avios.
  • Additional Avios will be awarded at the time of transfer
  • Also works for transfers to Iberia and Aer Lingus

Great Deal for Short-Haul Travel

Let’s put it in an easy way that many of us would use our Avios for (short-haul flights in the US): the short haul flights on partners like American Airlines cost 7,500 Avios. With his new transfer bonus, you will only need 5,300 Membership Reward points. That is really not bad at all, especially considering that some of these short-haul flights can cost over $300!

Reach More US Cities for Less!

The short-haul limit for these flights is any non-stop American Airlines or Alaska Airlines flight (in North America) up to 1,151 miles. This puts a whole lot of destinations in range from AA and Alaska hubs or allows you to get to those hubs for much less! That means you can now fly to cities like Chicago, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Seattle for just 5,300 Amex points (as long as your city of choice is a non-stop flight from your airport and under 1,151 miles). Not bad!

If you want to use them for flights under 650 miles that are outside of North America, your value use is even better! Those flights would only cost you 3,300 Membership Reward points!

While there are a lot of things you can do with Membership Reward points, a transfer bonus like this is a good one to take advantage of, at least in some small quantity. I only use my British Airways Avios for short-haul and I love having enough in the account for that trip that pops up last minute since they do not have close-in booking fees and the value can be huge.

A Ridiculously Cheap British Airways First Class Flight – If You Really Want to Experience It

As I talked about in this post, it is possible with this transfer bonus to experience British Airways First Class for just 13,000 Amex points!

Where Is This Route?

Would you believe that you could try out British Airways First Class on a short flight on a trip to the Caribbean? Well, you can! British Airways flies from London Gatwick to St. Lucia before continuing on to Port of Spain, Trinidad. The trip time blocked out for the section between St. Lucia and Trinidad is just 1 hour and 5 minutes. This ticket, if purchased with cash, would cost over $750.

British Airways First Class

The cash cost for the one way British Airways first class ticket between Trinidad and St. Lucia

Instead, you can redeem 18,000 Avios and $45 for this British Airways first class ticket. But, it gets even better if you have American Express Membership Reward points! Through November 15, you can transfer Amex points to British Airways with a 40% bonus. That means you only need 13,000 Amex points to get the 18,000 Avios needed for this flight.

British Airways first class

You can redeem 18,000 Avios for a British Airways First Class flight

Good Deal or No?

This route is actually a pretty cool one if you are visiting either country (I have visited both and they are great places to visit for sure!). JetBlue flies their JetBlue Mint class equipped planes to St. Lucia (UVF airport) so you could visit Trinidad, fly British Airways First Class to St. Lucia to spend a couple of days there and then fly Mint back to the US! Not a bad way to come back from a Caribbean holiday!

Is the 13,000 Membership Reward points worth it? If you have never flown first class before, this is definitely a great way to experience a snippet of it. British Airways First Class is not really the best but it is still a great way to travel. Plus, you could see for yourself what it is like with shelling out hundreds of dollars for fuel surcharges.

Also, don’t expect the full first class service on this short flight! You will not be getting a full meal (maybe just snacks?) and certainly won’t have time to sleep in the bed! Still, it is a quick way to experience it!

If you are the type of points person that wants to go for great point value, this redemption will give you 5.5 cents per Amex point redemption value. Not that great for international first class but certainly not bad!


I find it useful to always have some British Airways Avios in my account for a short-haul that might pop up. With this transfer bonus, it makes it an ideal transfer opportunity. But, you only have through the rest of today so hurry up and decide!

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