Junk Mail

Junk Mail Saturday

Junk Mail Saturday
Written by Charlie

Welcome back to Junk Mail Saturday! This is where I will review some of the junk mail (both postal and e-mail) that was received through the week. We call it “junk mail” but many times there are some golden nuggets in there (more often than not, they are targeted to specific individuals) so hopefully this will help you as we look at what the offers are. I have seen some very funny ones and some great ones. Feel free to send me yours to be included as well!

It has been a while since we have had a Junk Mail Saturday! Part of it is because I have moved and no longer get junk mail offers 🙁 – the other part is that banks have not been e-mailing me as many lately! This was a good one I could not pass up, though!

JAL USA Card Mastercard

I am not even going to break this one down like I normally do because it is so ridiculous! JAL (Japan Airlines) is marketing this credit card to US members of their flyer program and they sent me an e-mail that Special Introductory Offer Ends Soon! Ok, so just what is this special introductory offer?

Junk Mail Saturday

That’s right – the special offer is A CALENDAR! No points, no miles – just a calendar. And it is only available to the first 100 new members!

Like all credit card offers, it does come with fine print. This fine print says – *The image shown is for illustration purposes only. Actual desk calendar may be different from the above illustration. Glad they made that clear!

Obviously, I will not be giving a link for this offer! In fact, if this card offered me $500 per application, there is no way I could ever spin this to sound like a good deal! 🙂

What kind of offers have you received lately?

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