JetBlue Point Redemptions Now Starting as Low as 1,800 Points!

1,800 points
Written by Charlie

Lower than ever, you can now book JetBlue award tickets from as low as 1,800 points one way! This is almost half of the previous minimum redemption amount!

This morning, I wrote that JetBlue had dropped their minimum redemption amount to 2,600 from 3,500 for points. Thanks to reader Joshua, it was pointed out that the minimum was actually 2,200 for Washington, DC to Hartford, CT (and reverse). The cash price on those tickets was $44 one way.

JetBlue Point Redemptions Now Starting as Low as 1,800 Points!

1,800 points

With another thanks to Joshua, he pointed out that the minimum amount has dropped again with the price drop of that city pair. Now, the cash price is $39 one way and the point redemption amount is only 1,800 points one way!

What Does This Mean?

This certainly does not mean that all the city pairs are going to show that low, in fact, it is likely that only city pairs like this will be this cheap with points or cash right now. But, it is great to know that it appears that JetBlue has really dropped their minimum point redemption amount – now by about 50% from what it was before!

For those that are curious, this 1,800 point redemption would give you JetBlue points a value of 1.85 cents per point ($39 minus the $5.60 fee) – definitely better than the normal amount you can expect.

If you have any plans on this route, grab this now as this is a great deal! It is also a good time to check other close city pairs that you have an interest in to see if they yield a similar low redemption amount.

It should also mean that future sales and deals that go low should offer similar point redemption options. To be able to finally book JetBlue tickets for less than 2,000 points on cheap one ways is a great deal!

HT:  Joshua

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