People REALLY Wanted JetBlue’s NY Pizza Delivery

Written by Charlie

JetBlue was to launch a special promo for JetBlue pizza delivery – pie in the sky. They would deliver – for free – NYC pizza to people in Los Angeles. But, there were problems and people that waited up to order were not happy!

Last week, JetBlue announced that they would be running a promotion that would allow customers in LA to order great New York City pizza through JetBlue and have it delivered to their homes that same day – at no charge for delivery.

People REALLY Wanted JetBlue’s NY Pizza Delivery!

Link: JetBlue Pizza Delivery

They would allow 350 pizzas to be ordered each day from May 9 – 11. The problem is that their JetBlue Pizza ordering page has had a lot of technical problems! I am sure part of that had to do with how hard the page was getting hit by pizza-hungry residents of Los Angeles.

As a result, JetBlue suspended the page last night and announced it would go live again today at 9AM. You need to read through some of the tweets! I cannot believe how badly some people wanted to get NY pizza! Remember, the pizza is not free, just the delivery. But, that didn’t stop a lot of people from staying up late to try and place their order for that hot NYC pizza today!

If you are in the LA-area, I would say you probably don’t have a shot at these pizzas! But, at least NYC sees how badly LA wants the NYC style pizza. Maybe some pizza owner would rather live out in California…

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