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JetBlue Mystery Savings Update

Last week, I posted about the JetBlue mystery savings that JetBlue had been sending out. The $50 and below were reusable and there were other amounts from $100 to $300 that were one-time use. Obviously, this is not a scientific sampling, but out of the 5 members of my family who had e-mail addresses registered with JetBlue, 2 of us received the $300 code! That is pretty good!

I hope some people were able to take advantage of the $50 reusable codes. My wife and I did (by purchasing each of our tickets separately and as one-ways – so four trips – to take advantage of the $50 code) and are going to New York for the day in a few weeks for a total of $21. With gas prices, we couldn’t go to the nice mall in our area for less than that! So that was one trip. The second trip (and the one that I used my $300 certificate for) was to take my little girl down to NYC for a day in a week. The ticket was a little more expensive and you can’t book a minor separate from the guardian without incurring unaccompanied minor fees, so that is why I used the $300 code on that. She has never been there (she is young though!) and I thought it would be nice to take her to some sights that she is old enough to appreciate. Again, total was under $20 for that trip!

I know, I could have used that $300 for a race somewhere, but I only have time for one destination race for the remainder of the year and I already have that booked, so I thought I would do something for some family fun with it.

Did anyone else get or use a code? Hopefully!

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