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Is This The New Normal Chase Ink Offer? [+ Other Normal Business Offers]

It looks like these may be the new normal Chase Ink offers. Not only that, but it also shows the Chase business cards that have higher normal offers than in the past.

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Not too long ago, the Chase Ink cards saw their bump back up to limited time bonus offers – 60,000 Ultimate Reward points for the Chase Ink Plus and $300 back (or 30,000 UR points with a card like the CSP or Ink Plus). But, there is something interesting about the increased offers this time around.

Is This The New Normal Chase Ink Offer?

Normally when Chase institutes a “limited time offer” increase on their credit cards, there is that type of wording on the offer page or something that says when the increased offer will expire. However, that is not the case this time. This time, the landing page for the Chase Ink offers do not mention anything about a limited time offer nor does it have a end date.

Chase Ink

This may be the new normal Chase Ink Plus offer

60,000 Points – New Normal?

Does this mean that these offers are the new offers? It certainly could be that way! If that is the case, the new increased offer puts an additional 10,000 points in your point wallet if you apply for either of the cards except the Chase Ink Plus gives that extra 10,000 points in exchange for the $95 annual fee which is not waived for the first year on this card. It is important to point out, however, that many people have had success going into the branch to apply and not have the annual fee for the first year.

Chase Ink

How the previous increased Chase Ink Plus offers looked

Other Chase Business Offers

This would not be the first time that Chase made an increased offer on a business card the new normal for that card. One of the recent cases was with the Chase United MileagePlus Business card. I wrote several months ago that it had appeared that the 50,000 mile offer had become the new normal and it appears that I was correct. It has not changed in many months now and also had lost the limited-time offer wording.

Continuing with the Chase business cards, we can also see that the Southwest Premier Business card has also lost the “Limited time Offer” wording that used to be on the landing page and that still exists on the official landing page of the Southwest Premier personal card.

Chase Ink

The personal Premier card showing the Limited Time offer language

Chase Ink

No Limited time language for the 50,000 point offer on the business version

Here is a list of the Chase Business cards:

  • Chase Ink Plus – 60,000 points
  • Chase Ink Cash – $300 cash back (or 30,000 points if you have a CSP or Ink Plus)
  • Chase Marriott Premier Business – 70,000 points
  • Chase Southwest Premier Business – 50,000 points
  • Chase United MileagePlus Business – 50,000 miles

The personal versions of all of those cards have public offers that only hit these numbers during limited time promotions or targeted offers. So, it makes good sense to get the business versions!


So, what does this all mean? The good news (if I am correct, which previous examples would indicate that I could be) is that there is no rush to apply for the business cards right away. Affiliate offers may show up as limited time offers but these public offers do not show that language at all so you should be fine waiting until the application fits within your application schedule.

Another good part is that limited time offers on these cards may come and bring even higher point offerings! We saw that last year with the Chase Ink Plus card as it offered 70,000 points. If that is the case, we could expect to see these higher offers during promotional periods. So, one more reason to possibly hold off on applying right now.

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