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iPad App Glitch Delays Several Dozen AA Flights

This is what American Airlines did not want happening when they replaced the bulky pilot manuals on their flights – an app problem that caused the delay of dozens of their flights.

iPad App Glitch Delays Several Dozen AA Flights

Last night, iPads used by the pilots on certain flights(for manuals, maps, charts, etc – not for operating the aircraft) all suffered from an app disruption that delayed several dozen flights. The app which was the supposed culprit was the Jeppesen Mobile Terminal Chart. The AA software for the pilots was made by Jeppesen.

The move from the flight kit, which weighed 35lbs, to the electronic flight kit was rolled out by American Airlines just about two years ago. This move from paper to digital was estimated to save American $1.2 million per year in fuel costs. That is a substantial savings but I wonder how much of it may be negated by delays such as this or any other software related delays in the future. In reality, it most likely isn’t really the fact that it is a cost-saving move as much as it really is the way the all airlines will be eventually. Being software-based allows the pilots to receive updates quicker and even would provide the ability for features that may not even be in use right now. So, it is a move that I am happy to see but it was just unfortunate to have a problem last evening. Remember, software is not perfect and it does glitch!

In the meantime, this was surely not what AA wanted and will almost certainly be something that other tablet manufacturers like Microsoft and Samsung jump on as an advertising stunt. From a tech funpoint, it is interesting that American Airlines gives iPads to the flight crew and Samsung tablets to passengers – the one is for work and the other for play. While it sounds like I am bashing Samsung, I am not. I have owned and used Samsung tablets and really do love them. Just a funny twist… 🙂

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