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Hyatt Makes a Smart Move with Their Free Breakfast at Hyatt Place Properties

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Written by Charlie

There are changes coming for the free breakfast at Hyatt Place hotels! Hyatt is making a smart move with how they are changing the game for free breakfast and what they will provide it in exchange for. For most of their customers, it really won’t be a change.

Earlier this year, Hyatt was trialing the option of charging for breakfast at a couple of Hyatt Place properties. This caused an uproar from many Hyatt fans, especially since that free breakfast at those locations was a reason many customers chose Hyatt Place properties.

Hyatt Makes a Smart Move with Their Free Breakfast at Hyatt Place Properties

Link: Sign-up for World of Hyatt Program

Well, they rolled it back but it now appears they will be making a chance after all. And, it really isn’t a bad change! In fact, for Hyatt, it is a smart move and I cannot imagine that many people being mad with this single change.

Current Rule for Breakfast at Hyatt Place

One of the great things about Hyatt Place properties is that it comes with a free breakfast. This isn’t like the breakfast you will get at a full-service Hyatt property or even close to something you would receive at a Park Hyatt but it is still a nice perk. Plus, it is free for everyone – not just Hyatt Globalist members.

New Rule for Breakfast at Hyatt Place Properties

hyatt place free breakfast

Hyatt Place Free Breakfast | From the Hyatt Place Orlando / Lake Buena Vista

Well, for reservations made after November 1, 2018, the free breakfast for Hyatt Place customers will be restricted to members of the World of Hyatt program. That doesn’t mean elite members – it just means members. That means anyone that signs up for the (free) World of Hyatt program will continue to receive a free breakfast at Hyatt Place hotels.

In addition, you will need to book direct with Hyatt for your Hyatt Place reservation to get the free breakfast. That means you cannot book through something like Orbitz and expect to get the free breakfast at Hyatt Place hotels.

What You Need to Know!

So, going forward after November 1, all you will need to do to continue enjoying the free breakfast at Hyatt Place hotels is to a) be a member of the World of Hyatt program and b) book directly through Hyatt with your stay.

And don’t worry if you don’t sign up ahead of time – you can sign-up at the hotel and still get the free breakfast.

Why Is This a Smart Move by Hyatt?

While some people may complain about this as moving the goal posts a bit and setting up a change for further restrictions down the road, for Hyatt, this is a smart move. After all, what gain is it to them to provide the free food to people who do not care to sign-up for the World of Hyatt program?

By having breakfast as the dangling benefit to get new members, it ensures that Hyatt will be able to build their member base and anticipate the needs and travel habits of their members – at least those that stay at Hyatt Place hotels.

For customers, this is kind of a no-brainer. Hyatt is already rolling out up to a 15% Member rate at hotels around the world (while already offering a 10% Member rate) to encourage customers to book through them as well as offering free internet to the customers that book through them. It really makes no sense to not be a World of Hyatt member. You are earning points with your stay, but only if you have a World of Hyatt account. So, sign-up and continue getting the free breakfast too!

The only thing I question – how are they going to verify? Are they going to start posting an employee at the entrance to Hyatt Place breakfast areas and requesting meal vouchers? Seems like a waste of time to do that with an employee, but I guess we shall see!

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