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Hurricane Sandy and Credit Card Compassion

I hope all of you out there are safe and sound from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. We got dumped on with some rain and serious wind, but obviously not nearly what much of the East Coast endured.

For the first time that I have experienced, credit card companies (American Express, Chase, Citibank, Barclays Bank) reached out to their customers in the storm-ridden areas to offer some assistance with payment and access to funds. I know, credit card compassion is not a typical phrase that you will see, but we do have some here! With the exception of American Express, the banks have offered a waiver on any fees from around October 28 – November 1 (depending on issuer) and have offered help with making funds available through cash advances with no fees. American Express may offer the same, but they say to contact them if you need any help.

US Airways / Barclay Bank e-mail concerning the storm

If you have not received one of these e-mails and you have been affected by the storm, contact your credit card issuer  if you need help with fees as a result of the storm.

Kudos to the banks for putting this offer forward! They all offer credit protection of some sort that is supposed to cover in events of some catastrophe but it is an additional product for which costs $.90 per $100 on your statement. As one who does not pay for this product, I am glad to see they are extending some compassion to people without requiring them to be covered for this. I do not need to take advantage of this, but I do want to say thank you to these banks!

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