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How You Can Get 16% Back On American Airlines Tickets [Requires Targeted Offer]

American Airlines tickets
Written by Charlie

Find out how you can use some triple-stacking to save big on American Airlines tickets!

Stacking multiple deals is a way to really take advantage of promos that come out. When shopping on eBay, that kind of stacking normally takes off when there is an eBay Bonus Bucks promo at play. Such an offer is available now and appears to be widely targeted. If you received it, here is how you can save 16% (or more) on American Airline tickets!

How You Can Get 16% Back On American Airlines Tickets

To start, let me mention that this will really work for anything on eBay (with the exception of the 5% with the Chase Ink card), not just AA gift cards. There are also Delta gift cards available as well as a ton of other items. But, I did want to show how you can save it specifically using American Airlines as an example.

How To Do It

American Airlines tickets

Buy AA gift cards to save big on American Airlines tickets!

Portal Bonus – 1 Miler per dollar or 1.1% cashback

Before you begin, make sure you head over to Cashback Monitor to see what the various earn rates are for shopping at eBay. I personally would choose the AAdvantage portal since we are talking about American Airlines tickets and it will give you 1 mile per dollar spent. The same is true for United Airlines and you can get 1.1% cashback if you use TopCashBack. Once you select your portal, click the eBay link in it to be taken to eBay.

10% Back In eBay Bucks [widely targeted]

Before you can get the 5X eBay Bonus Bucks (if you were targeted), you need to activate it. When you are logged in to your eBay account, check on the homepage for the Bonus Bucks banner and click “Activate Offer”. Once you do that, you are good to start buying!

With the normal eBay Bucks at 2% back, this 5X bonus brings your total amount to 10% of anything you purchase over $50. There is a cap of $100 (and $500 per quarter) but that can be hit again and again during this offer – up to the $500. The next payout will be early next month so you do not have long to wait for it!

American Airlines tickets

This offer is good for items that cost $50 or more so keep that in mind. Also, this offer expires tomorro at 11:59PM PT. That means you must pay for your item(s) before then.

You can use eBay Bucks for anything so it is as good as cash on eBay. You can even use it to buy more gift cards so you can purchase cards for places where you are going to shop and spend money anyway. Terms here

Pay With Chase Ink – 5%

The final step is to pay with your Chase Ink card. It has historically awarded you 5 UR points per dollar when you make purchases from PayPal Digital Gifts so you should be able to earn another 5 points per dollar when purchasing these gift cards since they are sold by PayPay Digital Gifts.

This section is a bit of a wildcard because it is true that at the base you will earn 5% back. Ultimate Reward points can be redeemed as cashback so the 5% is fair. But, it is possible to get so much more than that when transferred to a variety of travel partners. At the least, you should be able to realize 1.5 cents per point in value. So, in reality, this part could be more looked at as a 7.5% bonus.

Doing The Math

Let’s say you max out the bonus for one purchase – $1,000 (for $100 in eBay Bucks to spend later). Let’s see how it works out.

  • Buy $1,000 in gift cards
  • Get $100 for future eBay purchases
  • Earn 5,000 Ultimate Reward points
  • Get another 1 American Airline mile per dollar or 1.1% cashback with TopCashBack (
  • Total – $110 cashback and 5,000 UR points (worth at least $75 depending on your transfer partner)

That is pretty good value for purchasing airfare! Of course, make sure you read the terms and conditions for using AA gift cards. You can use up to 8 on a purchase so that is extremely helpful! But, make sure you read the rest of the terms, found here.


Being able to save money when paying for airfare is great! Triple-stacking deals and promos is a great way to really increase that saving and today, you can get 16% back when you purchase AA gift cards for future use. It is a great deal and one you should consider if you have upcoming AA travel!

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