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How Much Apple and Other Top Companies Spend Flying United Airlines

Written by Charlie

How much money does Apple pay for flying United? With 50 business class seats daily to and from China and more, it is a lot! Also, see what other companies pay to fly United.

Call this quite an embarrassing mistake for United Airlines! The amount of money that companies spend with airlines is something that is not really talked about as companies do not want customers (and maybe even employees) getting frustrated that the companies spend so much for comfortable air travel.

How Much Money Apple Spend on Flying with United Airlines – And Other Top Companies, Too

Well, that didn’t stop someone at United from making big roll banners with that very information – and proudly announcing that Apple is United’s #1 customer. That little statement was not the only thing this banner revealed. It also revealed that Apple spend $150 million per year on United Airlines! 

To make it even more informative, these banners also told the story of why people may not be able to find some business class awards on the airline’s San Francisco – Shanghai route. Apple buys 50 business class seats every day for that route! In fact, San Francisco brings in 25% of Apple’s spending with United at $35 million per year.

Not to leave others out, the banners also revealed the other top companies and the amounts they spend for flying United Airlines. For sure, these companies, as well as Apple, are going to be pretty upset about this confidential information being on display in a place where it could be photographed.

And, yes, we know this is confidential because the banners even state that little fact at the bottom of the banner and that the information should not be shown. Oops.

Too Bad FaceTime Cannot Get the Job Done!

It is just too bad that Apple cannot come up with some type of video conferencing technology that would allow for up to 32 people to communicate at once – maybe on an iPhone? Something like that could probably help them spend a little less on airfare to. 🙂 Actually, the new FaceTime feature to allow the 32 people on a call is pretty call.

With people ever complaining about the rising cost of iPhones, there is certainly going to be some backlash about this. It should be interesting to see how Apple responds to this and deals with their monster account with United.

Featured image courtesy of United Airlines of their Polaris Business Class seat

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