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Horrible: Woman Has Leg Amputated at Bangkok Airport After Moving Walkway Accident

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Written by Charlie

A horrible accident happened today at a Bangkok airport when a lady had to have her leg amputated at the airport following an accident on a moving walkway.

This is a horrible accident that happened today to a traveler at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport.

Passenger Loses Leg After Walkway Accident

The passenger, a 57 year old Thai woman, was on the moving walkway in Terminal 2 of the Bangkok when her leg became trapped somehow under the walkway. This happened on Thursday at 8:40AM at the Bangkok Don Mueang Airport.

The medical team on site had to amputate her leg above the knee. The airport director made a statement that said that they will cover her medical expenses and are “open” to negotiation on compensation for this terrible accident. They said they will make sure something like this never happens again.

The airport staff also said that daily visual checks of the walkways are made and once a month checks of a more intense check. Her suitcase had two missing wheels that were broken off where the comb-like plates are at the end of the moving walkway. There was a missing piece of that plate and the two wheels were later found inside the walkway. They said they are not sure how this may have figured into the accident.

The lady was taken to a second hospital after the first hospital said they would be unable to reattach her leg.

This is a horrible accident that is something most of us probably never even consider a possibility, though I am always carefully watching when our young kids start using these walkways as they approach the end to make sure they don’t get a shoe stuck. But I never would have thought that a leg would have to be removed at the airport as a result of this.

If you check the link at the top, you can see more photos of this incident. Featured image from Viral Press

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