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Great Price On A Carry Around Camera

I realize we are in the age of people using smartphones for their cameras on the go, but there are sometimes that people just prefer to have a real camera. I am married to a photographer, so I try not to take many photos since I know how inferior they are to hers! I need to start having her take the review photographs for me. 🙂

Great Price On Canon PowerShot A4000

Canon Camera Link

Anyway, I came across this camera, the Canon A4000 on the Canon refurb site. We have bought many lenses and cameras from them over the years and the refurbs are in excellent condition. This camera is not the latest and greatest, but it is available now at a great price. If you are like me, it is nice to have a cheap camera you can throw in your travel pack or running pack to take photos while out and about and not have to worry about pulling out your several hundred dollar smartphone all the time.

Canon Camera

Only $35!

This camera received many decent reviews. It is a perfect size to throw in your pocket and have for the moment that you need to take some pictures. The price? It is currently $35.99 for either blue or silver. For some reason, the other colors are still at $87.99.

Plus, here is another little twist that shows you the good value of this camera – the Amazon trade-in value for this camera is at $37. 🙂

More Cameras

If you are interested in other Canon cameras, check out this link for the rest of their refurbished inventory. If you are after lenses, this link will take you to them. This is a limited time discount off of the normal refurb prices, so do not wait too long!

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