Great Deals Today From Amazon – Active Clothes, Shoes, and Phone

New Balance running
Written by Charlie

Today, Amazon has again brought us some nice deals on clothes and shoes for your fitness and running needs. Along with that, they have also brought the price down once again on their Fire Phone.

40% Off New Balance Running Shoes For Men, Women, and Kids

New Balance Shoes Amazon Link

New Balance running

Great deal today only on New Balance running shoes

This is a great deal for everyone that enjoys New Balance shoes! I have been an Asics man since day 1 so I will not be moving on these, but they are certainly a nice deal for New Balance runners or those who want to give them a try at this price point.

New Balance running

The men’s and women’s styles that are for sale are the trail shoes – the MT510V2 Trail Shoe. Depending on what part of the country you are in, these could be a great way to break into spring. I know that in western NY, trail shoes were always nice to have on hand when the snow got really slushy or roads were really sloppy. Not to mention, they give the extra sturdiness for actual trail running. I love running on trails and if you have never tried it, maybe you want to give it a try with these shoes. You do not have to have trail shoes to run on trails, but they can be useful on many trails. Reviews look good on these shoes

For the kids, they a basic running shoe that is easy for them to put on and off. And they are available just a bit over $30 each.

50-60% Off Activewear

Activewear Amazon Sale Link


On this one, I honestly cannot say that real life shopping experience would reflect the 50-60% off some of these items in local stores. I have not had to buy fitness wear in a longtime (I always wear race shirts or Under Armour gear) so am not sure what the current pricing is on these brands. However, they are still bound to be at a discount from what you might normally see them at or buy them at.

If you are in the market for activewear for fitness activities, any one of the over 70 items available today on sale may be what you were looking for! They have several brands available so you should be able to find something interesting.

Amazon Fire Phone Plus 1 Year of Amazon Prime – $199

Amazon Fire Phone Link

fire phone

The Amazon Fire Phone is back again with the low price of $199. That includes a year’s worth of Amazon Prime (which normally costs $99) so it is like you are getting a nice, unlocked smartphone (brand-new) for only $100! That is really not that bad of a deal. Undoubtedly, Amazon is looking at releasing a new phone at some point this year so this may be even cheaper later. But, it may or may not have the Amazon Prime included with it because it says it is a “limited-time offer” – though in all fairness, it has been a limited-time offer for months now!

I have been going back and forth on this for a while now and may just pull the trigger. I will probably flip the phone and just get a little bit of a discount on the Amazon Prime that I would be buying anyway. Or, I may keep it as a spare unlocked phone for travel (and let the kids play with it otherwise!).

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