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Great Deal! Sign-Up For Google Fi & Get Nexus 5X For $199

Nexus 5X
Written by Charlie

Take advantage of this great to sign-up for Google Fi (and get cheap international data) and get a Nexus 5X for only $199!

I have written a lot about Google Fi, or Google Project Fi as the official name is, and how incredible it is for international travel. It is now my go-to data solution for my iPhone (yes, data does work for the iPhone!) on all international trips. The toughest part about it has always been the phone needed to get the actual Google Fi plan with minutes and text as the price had been high. Not anymore!

Sign-Up For Google Fi & Get Nexus 5X For $199

Nexus 5X

I frequently posted deals on the first Google phone for Project Fi, the Google Nexus 6, as the sale prices of $300 were very good with some appearances at the $250 and once at $200 marks. This is the first time the newest Google phone has been sub-$200 so it is definitely worth taking a look at!

To get the special price of $199 (or $249 for the 32GB version), you will need to activate Google Fi for your account. Unlike most cell phone plans, this does not require a contract or even an activation fee. The base plan is $20 per month and data is $10 per 1GB. Whatever you do not use in data is refunded to you as credit for your next bill.

So, you could just get the phone with a savings of $150, pay for a month of Google Fi, and then use the phone on your carrier of choice because it is unlocked and ready for use on other carriers. You could also flip it but probably not for a great profit when all is said and done.

Getting Google Fi & The Nexus 5X

To start, you need to go to this Google page and sign in to get an invite. At this time, it is still only possible to get a Google Fi account if you have an actual gmail address (Google Apps accounts will not work) so sign in with that.

Google Nexus 5X

Once you do that, you can opt to purchase the Nexus 5X with 16GB for $199 or the 32GB model for $249. Both are great deals. It is not the best phone around but perfectly adequate and I am considering getting rid of my Google Nexus 6 in favor of this just to get the slightly smaller size. Since I do not use the phone everyday and it only goes with me on travels, I prefer it to be smaller.


  • The promo runs until April 7, 2016 or while supplies last
  • Only for US residents
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have Google Payments account
  • Monthly charges run as Google charges and not utilities so no 5X earning with Chase Ink cards


If you have not considered it before, check out Google Fi and the Nexus 5X! To have the data-only SIM cards that you can use to get data on the iPhone and other devices, you need to have a regular account. After that, you can have up to 10 data-only SIMs. I have a few of them now that I loan out and one that is used regularly by a family for their primary cell service. If you want a device to pair with the main plan, which gives you unlimited minutes and text in the US for only $20 a month, this is a great deal!

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