Great Deal: Get 40% Off TripIt Pro – a Great Service for Travelers

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Written by Charlie

Now is your chance to get TripIt Pro at a 40% discount! This is one of the best discounts they have and opens a lot of great features for the traveler.

If you travel much at all, you probably have TripIt. While TripIt is pretty great by itself, TripIt Pro unlocks a whole lot of other features that are prefect for the traveler that wants to know what’s going on.

Save 40% on TripIt Pro, a Great App and Service for Travelers

Link: TripIt Pro Discount

I have been a TripIt Pro user almost since the first day they released it and have no plans to let it go. Between what they continue to add and the all-in-one solution it is for the traveler, I have no desire to look elsewhere when it is just $49 per year (basically paying like $4 per month). But, you can now take advantage of this new discount to pay just $29 for your first year!

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The best price that TripIt Pro is normally available at is for Cyber Monday/Black Friday at 50% off. If you are getting some fall travel lined up and don’t want to wait another few months to save the $5, now is the time to upgrade to TripIt Pro for a 40% discount. Just go to this link and the promo code is good to go! With this code, you will pay just $29 for your first year with TripIt Pro.

I have a ton of posts here about TripIt and TripIt Pro so hit up this link to read more about it.

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