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Great Deal! Apple AirPods Pro at Lowest Price Ever – $169!

Written by Charlie

This new price of the Apple AirPods Pro as we enter Black Friday week matches the lowest price ever, which happened to be at the same time last year. These are only slightly different than the previous ones since they have a charging case that can be charged using MagSafe chargers.

Awesome Deal on the Apple AirPods Pro

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I had owned them since they had come and sold my previous noise cancelling earbuds as a result (the Sony WH-1000XM3). Both are great but for Apple users, the Apple AirPods Pro are certainly an easier way to go. Plus, they are meant for exercise as well, unlike the Sony earbuds. This means they are great all-around earbuds for travel, everyday use, and fitness. I will say that these have been recently replaced as my favorite because my new ones work incredibly well for running – more on that later today!

While they will not crush over the ear noise cancelling headphones, the technology for in-ear noise cancellation is actually really good.

So, the sale price is $169 down from $249. This is the lowest price on Amazon yet – and if you have a credit card with a one of the many targeted offers to use a single credit card point for a bigger discount, it will get even better!

New Features In the Last Year

The new Spatial Audio feature is a cool one, as it uses the accelerometer to determine how to make it seem like the audio is coming right from your head. This is definitely a feature that makes the whole listening experience a more immersive experience.

Spatial Audio coming to Apple AirPods Pro

Another new feature is a very welcome one – the ability to quickly switch devices. While it is ok right now, you are able to just have it switch to the device you are using or the closest too which will leave you one less step along the way of actually switching it yourself. It does work pretty well and makes a good argument to getting Apple listening devices if you have multiple Apple products.

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