Great Deal: 20% Off Discounted Electronics [iPads, Tablets, Laptops, & More]

Written by Charlie

A great deal today on getting already discounted electronics for another 20% off! Check out this deal and what you can get with it – tablets, computers &more!

Cowboom has long been my go-to site for discounted electronic deals. It is a Best Buy site so very dependable as far as service (yes, I have had to send a couple of things back). The deals are normally pretty decent to begin with, but when they offer a coupon, they get even better.

Great Deal: 20% Off Discounted Electronics



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And for today, that is exactly what they have! There is a 20% off coupon good across the site (not for items sold by Best Buy or auction items) and it is good for one per customer – so you can order as much as you want but it has to be in one order.

Unfortunately, a lot of the great stuff has moved so far but Cowboom does refresh their inventory throughout the day so keep on checking! One of the items that went fast and that I was checking on was the new Apple MacBook. They have a few of them and, after the coupon, were available for $800 – regular price is $1,299. That is the laptop I have and it is a great one! If you see them pop back, consider that if you are looking for thin-and-light.


Great tablet at a great price!


Nice discount!

This very well reviewed Samsung Galaxy S tablet in the 10″/32GB variety is available for a wonderful $215 before taxes on a Satisfactory condition item. That is pretty good for a really nice tablet!

Of course, tablets make great deals as well. Whatever your flavor with tablets – iPad, Surface, Samsung – you are sure to find a great deal. Gaming consoles are plenty as well. Basically, anything you might buy at Best Buy you will be able to find here at a great deal with this coupon on already discounted items.

Item Conditions

When you are choosing your particular item from the list of available items (seen in a pop up box when you click on an item), look first for items that are Satisfactory as they are at good prices and in good shape. Check the condition notes because even some items marked Fair are still fine but just might be missing a cable or charger (normally not a big deal).

Discount Details

Here are the details regarding the coupon code:

  • Expires 10/1
  • Code at checkout: BOOM20
  • Must register an account to use code
  • One per customer
  • Not valid on items sold by Best Buy or auction items

Make sure you move fast if you see something you like! Already, items went out of stock from when I clicked on them to them not being in stock anymore!

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