Great Deal: 20% Off At Cowboom – Apple Watches, Computers, Tablets, Cameras, and Much More!

Apple Watches
Written by Charlie

Here is a great chance to score some incredible deals on things like Apple Watches, computers, tablets, and much more!

I have written many times about Cowboom, Best Buy’s outlet of sorts. They have some incredible deals and I have scored some of the best from there. This time around, they are having another 20% off sale but this is the first time they have had Apple Watch models in their inventory (see this post for a complete breakdown on getting the best price). That means that you can get a really great deal on these watches, if that is something you are interested in. But, move fast!

Edit: if you are interested in the Apple Watch Sport 38mm model, check at Target right now as they have them for $350 with a $100 Target gift card. 

Great Deal: 20% Off At Cowboom [Apple Watches, Computers, Tablets, and More!]

Apple Watches

This is their Black Friday sale and you actually have a few days to take advantage of it. Here are the details:

  • 20% off using code YESPLEASE2015
  • Can use once (though it works on multiple items in the same order)
  • Cannot be used on deals of the day, auctions, or items sold/shipped by
  • Expires 11/30

The inventory is quickly becoming depleted on many of the very popular items so it can be a difficult decision – buy something you are interested in now or wait to see if you can get some other things back in stock and place the order then. I personally was going to wait but went ahead and pulled the trigger on a couple of Apple Watch models that sell very good on eBay. They do charge tax but using TopCashBack for 3% cashback helps defray that a bit. So, I should be able to profit at least $80 on them. Not bad to help with minimum spending and get profit in less than 1 hour!

Of course, you could consider gift items as well. I purchased another Apple Watch a while back and it came like new. If someone had wanted one but price was an issue, giving them one of these would not be a bad idea. Anyway, no matter what, there are some great deals to be had a variety of products so check them out now!

Apple Watches

Great deal on a watch that goes for $599 pre-tax new!

Product Condition

Just know, cowboom uses a grading system for the condition of their items. Make sure you read the description carefully for each individual item. But, even for items marked “FAIR” I have still received items in excellent shape. One recent example was a 11″ MacBook Air (2014 model) that I got for around $470 (can’t remember the exact price). It was marked FAIR but it was in perfect condition and only had 4 battery cycles on it (this was about 7 months ago).

Great Deals

Many items go quickly but since this sale runs for a couple of days, you should have a good shot at getting some more chances over the next few days. I have found that they are pretty good about getting new stock (as in new to the site, not new condition) quickly.

Some of the items you may want to consider are:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Desktops
  • Cameras
  • MP3 Players
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Watches

Extra Savings

Make sure you go through a portal to save even more! Check out cashbackmonitor for the best options. If you are interested in cashback, topcashback is offering 3% back on items from Cowboom.


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