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Google Fi Bringing New Feature to iPhones for Online Security

Written by Charlie

Google Fi is about to introduce a new feature for iPhone users that will help them to stay secure online – for no extra fee!

If you are a Google Fi user and you use it on the iPhone, there is some good news for you coming soon! This new feature will bring you better online security and comes to you for free!

Google Fi Bringing VPN Service to iPhones

There are certainly cheaper cellular options for US customers than Google Fi – if you are a heavy data user. The real gem of Google Fi is the ease and ability to travel all over the world and pay the same exact data rates as if you are in the US. Of course, there are not that many people that are traveling the world right now so many may have halted their Google Fi service – for now.

For those that are using Google Fi on an iPhone (which is an awesome combination!), there is a new feature that Google Fi is bringing to iPhone this spring that Android phones have enjoyed for a little while now and Google Fi phones even longer. It is called a VPN.

A VPN is a virtual private network and it is designed to keep your online traffic secure. Whenever you are using a public access point, it is alway wise to use a VPN to help keep your privacy.


Not only does this keep your traffic secure, it also shields all of your traffic from Google itself and that it isn’t tied to your Google account or phone number. For anyone that is nervous about companies like Google using their data, this is a nice nod of reassurance from the tech giant to their Fi phone users.


Turning on the VPN Feature

To turn on this new feature, open your Google Fi app and toggle it on in the Fi Privacy & security area. According to Google, using the VPN may increase your data usage by 10% (as was the case with their own Google Fi phones – not sure yet if this is still the case).

Yes, that is an Android phone but the process for activating the Fi VPN should be the same on iPhone

Better Website Access for Some Sites and Services

Not only is the always-on VPN feature a great thing for security, it is also a nice thing for accessing certain websites. I have never had a problem accessing many sites when abroad because Google Fi uses IP addresses in the US (and sometimes I have noticed it does with the UK as well).

It will be interesting to see if this VPN service being setup by Google is better able to fool Netflix as well. Most VPNs are easily detected by Netflix and they will not work. Yet, if you use your Fi network, Netflix does work as it does in the US. But that uses a lot of your Fi data. If the new VPN plays nice with Netflix, it will allow you to access things like Netflix on a WiFi network and not have to worry about using your data.

Just be cautious – some countries have made VPN use illegal.

Bottom Line

This is a nice addition for Google Fi iPhone users. It allows us to have access to a service that, most of the time, comes with a monthly or yearly fee. Not only that, it is a good move by Google to let their customers know that they are giving options to shielding traffic – even from Google.

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