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Getting An Extra 10,000 UR Points

extra 10,000 UR points
Written by Charlie

Disclaimer: I do not receive a commission for any of the credit cards in this post.

extra 10,000 UR points

Sunday, Chase kicked off a limited-time offer on their business cards – the Chase Ink Plus, the Chase Ink Bold, the Chase Ink Classic, and the Chase Ink Cash. On the two higher-end cards (Chase Ink Plus and Bold), the bonus is now up to 60,000 instead of the usual 50,000 points. It is a pretty good deal, especially if you have been considering applying for one of these business cards. I have both the Chase Ink Plus and the Chase Ink Bold and really love the cards for their use – not just the bonus. Here is my writeup on the Chase Ink Bold (the Chase Ink Plus is similar – except it is a credit card instead of a charge card).

While there were some hints that Chase might raise the bonus on those cards for small business week (this week), there was not any type of official word until the launch on Sunday. So, what happens if you were one of the many, many people that had applied for one of those cards before the bonus was lifted? Are you out of luck?

Fortunately, no! Chase is actually very good at matching your bonus with an increased (public) offer if your card was opened within the last 90 days. So, count back 90 days to see if your new Chase Ink card had been opened within that timeframe. If it was, you are eligible to get an extra 10,000 UR points! At the very least, those extra 10,000 UR points are worth $100. If you use the points to pay for travel, then they are worth $125. If you use them to transfer to Chase’s transfer partners, you can get more like a minimum of $200 worth of travel from these points. Since it only takes 2 minutes to get these points, you definitely should do this! Trust me, it works. My wife opened a Chase Ink card a couple of months ago and we did this and were given the extra 10,000 UR points in about 5 hours!

How to get the extra 10,000 UR points

1) Go to Chase’s website and login to your account (that is registered to your Chase Ink card

2) Once you are logged in, go to the Secure Message Center and click to Send A New Message.

Extra 10,000 UR Points


3) Use the drop down box under My Business Accounts and select Rewards Inquiry and click Go.

4) Select your Chase Ink account in the first drop down box and Ultimate Rewards Program Inquiry in the second drop down box.

5) Write Chase a message – explain that you opened your Chase Ink card within the last 90 days and you are asking if you could receive the extra 10,000 UR points that matches the current offer for the card that you have. Be polite – don’t demand or be rude! 🙂

6) Just wait! You should receive a response within 12 hours. Should you receive a denial, just reply and kindly mention that you know that Chase always matches the better offers within 90 days of the application and if there is some reason why they cannot extend that same kindness to you.

7 ) Do it this week! The offer expires at the end of this week, so you need to do this now if you want the extra 10,000 UR points. Don’t worry – this has nothing to do with their credit card division so you will not receive any additional credit pull.

Good luck!

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