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Did You Get Targeted For the 50,000 Hyatt Point Promo?

50,000 Hyatt
Written by Charlie

This is a promo that seems to have no rhyme or reason for who it has targeted (kind of like many promos!). That has angered many Hyatt loyalists that spend half of their year in Hyatt hotels. I can see Hyatt wanting to encourage those who do not already give them that kind of business to stay with them for bonus points, but many of those people (Hyatt members with only one or two stays) have not been targeted either.

Up To 50,000 Hyatt Point Promo

50,000 Hyatt

Did you get targeted for the 50,000 Hyatt point promo?

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The promotion, which has been sent out in e-mail to some, is that you can earn up to 50,000 bonus Hyatt points based on the amount of nights you stay at Hyatts. The bare mininum is 5,000 points for 5 nights. From there, it increases based on 5 night increments all the way up to 50,000 bonus points for 20 nights.

That is a pretty good deal, if you already have the nights planned. The promotional period in which you must stay to earn is September 1 – November 30. That means, to max out this promo, you must stay in Hyatt hotels for 20 of the possible 62 nights available during the promotional period. While business travelers will not have a problem meeting that goal, most other people might.

That is especially true since award nights (point redemptions, free anniversary nights) do not count for the purpose of this promo. The good part is that Points+Cash nights do count! So, at least that will save you a bit from having to pay for the rooms outright.

The final detail about this promo is that you must have been targeted to receive these bonus points. To see if you were targeted, head on over to this Hyatt page and input your Hyatt number. Unfortunately, our accounts were not targeted (though we could not hit the 20 nights, the 5 nights would be doable). Hopefully, your account will be eligible!

Putting Points Together

This promo is in addition to your 1,000 points that you receive per stay as a Diamond amenity, so it could be as much as 3,500 points you will receive (if you stay a total of 20 nights). That can be a nice boost/off-set for your stays!

Another way this promotion could help is if you use this time for a Hyatt Diamond Challenge. You need to stay 12 nights to qualify and, if you have been targeted for this promotion, that will give you an extra 15,000 points! Add that the 1,000 points you receive for your first 6 nights of the challenge and you are looking at collecting an extra 21,000 points during the course of your challenge! That would definitely help with the math for the challenge, especially if you are doing Points+Cash stays at Category 1 or 2 hotels.


If you do the math on the points earned through this promo, you are earning 2,500 points per night if you stay the full 20 nights. While that is a nice little boost, it will not be worth running around to stay and pay at hotels just for these points. Now, if the normal course of your travel puts you at 16 nights, then by all means, run around to squeeze the other 4 nights in to take advantage of the extra 20,000 points you will receive. But, like with all promos, do not just jump into it. Run the numbers to see if it makes sense for you in your particular situation. Sure, it can give you nights at a Category 6 Hyatt and those nights might cost you $900 if you are paying out of pocket, but it is going to cost you a lot more than $900 to get those 20 nights (for the most part).

Were you targeted and are you in a good position to max this out?

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