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The Next Generation Business Class Seat?

butterfly seat
Written by Charlie

Business class seats are a perfect way to travel by air. It gives a level of comfort that allows for comfortable sleep, work, and dining. Airlines are constantly trying to improve those seats to be in a better position to gain more revenue from their purchase. These seats could be perfect for that – and for us!

Bicycle Seat?

We have seen airlines removing first class seats to add more seats in their place. They have bumped up their premium economy seats as well as adding regular coach seats so they don’t mind sacrificing first class for adding more people. There was even a seat that has been built and floated that is really not passenger friendly at all, unless you like to ride bicycles for 12 hours.

butterfly seat

The bicycle seat proposed for airplanes

The Butterfly Seat

But this new seat has won the IATA Passenger Innovation Award and the Crystal Cabin Award which should earn it a little bit of consideration by airlines. It is called the Butterfly and allows airplanes to adjust the seats based on the passenger load and cabin needs. It allows two premium economy seats to a lie-flat business class seat.

butterfly seat

The seats in the premium economy configuration as it transforms to business class

butterfly seat

The Butterfly in the business class configuration

Not only does it present a lie-flat business class seat, but it actually treats it as a small suite with a chair and couch. This looks really nice but if the airlines do accept them, it will be quite sometime before this rolls out. If you want to check out more photos, check out the Buttefly website.

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