Frontier “Penny” Sale – Fly From Just $15!

Written by Charlie

Check out this great Frontier “Penny” sale where tickets are just 1 cent plus taxes and fees! That equals tickets from just $15 throughout the US. There are some insane deals here that are available on all days of the week and you must buy before tomorrow! So, hurry and check it out!

Frontier Airlines is great at getting you to a destination for cheap – if you don’t have bags, want to pick seats, and things like that. 🙂 But, there are even some routes and prices where even bringing bags can still be much cheaper than other airlines! Check out these deals that cover some amazing routes for just $15 for a ticket! That is less than what it could cost you in gas to get to the airport! 🙂

Frontier “Penny” Saley – Fly From Just $15!

Link: Frontier Penny Sale

Ok, so the “penny” part refers to the fact that Frontier says they are just charging 1 cent for the ticket – then the taxes and fees get put on. So, the total cost to you for the ticket with this deal is just $15.

This deal, unlike many other Frontier sales, is valid all days of the week (however not all flights are everyday) so you are not restricted to just the 6am on Thursday morning to get a deal.

Great deal from Detroit to Raleigh-Durham – just $14!

Yes, you will pay for everything like seat assignment, bags, etc, but with prices this low, you could even hop over to another city for just a night with a backpack!

Here are the details about this Frontier Penny sale:

  • Valid all days of the week
  • Buy by August 1 
  • Fly August 14 – October 3
  • Seats are limited!

That is it! These seats are limited and going fast so hurry up and book! Your dinner at your destination will cost more than your flight!


Frontier charges for many things that other airlines may include for free. So, make sure you check those fees to be sure what you can travel with at no extra charge and what you would pay extra for!

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