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Free & Fast 350 AA Miles (or more) Plus Enter to Win 350,000 – Why These Miles Are Important

350 AA miles
Written by Charlie

Earn 350 AA miles (at least) for free and in about 60 seconds! Also, enter to win 350,000 AA miles and why even the little miles matter.

It’s funny – I saw this giveaway/contest earlier today and I thought about posting it then. But, I saw in the details that it had started April 29th so I figured that it must have already been written about in other places and I had missed it. However, after I thought I would do it later, everyone began posting about it so I guess I didn’t miss it. 🙂

The funny part about it is that 350 miles is noteworthy these days. It is important for one reason (which I detail below) but it is also just 350 miles. A couple of years ago, such an offer would never have gotten as much attention as this one has so far. Yet, this is the stage of the cyclical game we are in right now. Without the super easy methods of manufactured spending and the crackdown by banks, getting miles in whatever quantity when we can is always a good idea!

Free & Fast 350 AA Miles

350 AA miles

Which brings us to how to get these miles! It is really super simple and will take 60 seconds or less:

Once you register, you will be taken to another page where you are given instructions on sharing a milestone with AA. Once you do that, you will receive a link to receive another 350 AA miles. Not too bad and it all takes less than a minute!

Just like that, you will have earned 350 AA miles and entered to win 350,000 AA miles for their anniversary celebration.

Why These Miles Are Important

Now, why are these miles important? They are important for one big reason – extending the expiration date of your miles. If you currently do not have activity on your AA account (with a credit card, portal, flight, etc), you may be someplace in the middle of the 18 month period of when AA miles stay active. When you earn miles, like with this promo, it will extend the life of those miles another 18 months. So, even though 350 miles will not get you anywhere by themselves, they will stretch the rest of your miles’ life out a bit more!

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