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How to Fool Your Friends With (Fake) Big Credit Card Offers

Written by Charlie

In honor of April 1, here is a simple way to fool your friends with (fake) big credit card offers. It is sure to make them quite jealous!


Ok, today is a really great day – and I am not talking about all the jokes on the internet! 🙂 It is actually 11 years ago today that my wife and I were married so that is the most important part of the day to me. 🙂

However, it is also a day that the internet goes a little wild with some corny jokes and some that are hard to distinguish between fake or real. If you want to fool your friends with some big credit card offers, here is a little series of steps you can take to do just that!

How to Fool Your Friends with (Fake) Big Credit Card Offers

Let me be clear from the beginning – this is just for fun! Do not attempt to call any of the banks or use these “screenshots” as proof of anything!!! I’m serious!!!

fool your friends


Now, we will jump right into it. Most people know that you can easily edit a screenshot of a site by using basic software on your computer, and some people even try to do more serious edits in things like Photoshop. The truth is that that is far too much work as you can get some amazing results on page edits right in your internet browser! Here are the steps (I use Chrome, but you can use another browser and use the similar functionality in that).

Step 1

Open the More Tools > Developer Tools in Google Chrome (look for similar items in other browsers) from the browser menu. This will display the html for the webpage displayed in front of you. This is helpful if you are trying to see how a website does a particular thing or what code they may have used.

Step 2

Next, search (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F on Mac) for whatever text you are wanting to change.

Step 3

Once you find it, just delete that text and insert your own!

Does NOT Change Anything Besides the Text!

Of course, this does not do anything beside change what the text says on your screen. If you were to hit Apply, you would be greeted with the genuine offer and not the edit you made. That edit is purely text and does nothing with the bank’s system. To make it clear – this is not a hack in any sense of the word! 

If you have friends that are jealous of your credit card rewards or how you can fly for so cheap, take 3 minutes and do this to their favorite card to surprise them with the “offer” that you have just received. 🙂

Fool your friends

“Check out my elite status!” – not real either!

You could also do this with websites to show your elite status, if you wanted to show your friend(s) how fast you qualified for the top tier or something like that! In any event, it is a nice, fun, quick way to fool someone since people are so used to seeing things in the context of their browser screen that they often will not doubt its originality at first glance. Then see how jealous they get! 🙂

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