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Flying in the US? You Will Need to Wear Face Masks On These Airlines

Written by Charlie

If you are flying in the US at any point coming up, here are the airlines that will require the use of face masks and where you need to use them.

The mandatory use of face masks while flying is spreading. Canada has it for flights in Canada and on Canadian airlines, Lufthansa group will require it from May 4 and now major airlines in the US are adopting it as well. If you do find yourself flying, here is what you can expect.

US Airlines Requiring Face Masks

Each airline has different ways they will require the use of face masks. You will be notified by the airline before your flight what is to be expected as well.

American Airlines

Link: American Airlines

AA will require the use of face masks on flights starting May 11. They will only require their use onboard the aircraft and not at the various AA points during your trip (check-in, boarding, etc).

Delta Air Lines

Link: Delta Air Lines

Delta will go a little farther than AA and start earlier, requiring the use of face masks from May 4. They will require their use at all Delta touch points throughout your journey including check-in, lounges, boarding, while onboard, and luggage collection.


Link: Frontier

Frontier will start requiring the use of face masks for their passengers from May 8. Similar to Delta, it will be required for all Frontier passengers at all points throughout the journey.


Link: JetBlue

JetBlue was the first to announce the required use of face masks and it will go into effect May 4. Their use will also be required at all points throughout the journey.

United Airlines

Link: United Airlines

United will require the use of face masks by their customers starting May 4. Unlike what has been announced from other airlines (so far), United will actually be providing the face masks to their customers. They have not said where they will be required – whether it is just onboard or at all points of the journey with United.

Using Face Masks on Flights

For these airlines, small children are exempted from the use of face masks and they can be put down during meal service (of course), should that be provided during your flight.

It is encouraged to not use N95 masks or respirators as those should be kept available for medical professionals. Also, none of the airlines have said when the use of face masks will no longer be required.

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