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Fly Top Business Class Seats in Asia for $390 Worth of Miles!

Written by Charlie

For just $390 in miles, you could fly some of the top business class seats in Asia – some for even 7 hours or more! Find out what you need to get started!

It’s back! If you want to grab some miles to fly some of the top business class cabins in the world, you can do that with miles at a reasonable price! Find out what you need to know and if this deal is for you!

Fly Top Business Class Seats in Asia with $390 Worth of Miles!

Link: Aegean’s Buy Miles Promo

That translates to enough miles to fly top business class seats around Asia for just $390 in miles! That means 7 hours of business class on flights with Asiana, Singapore, ANA, and more for just $390 in miles!

Here’s the thing – some of these flights go for over $2,000 when flying around Asia in business class one way. But, if you buy these Aegean miles during their sale, you could get the miles you need for just $390 and then just pay the minimal taxes that go with the flight redemption. These miles could unlock some serious business class enjoyment!

What Do You Need?

Aegean’s Miles+Bonus program charges just 21,000 airline miles for travel within their “Far East” region in business class. That is much lower than what United now charges and it really is a steal for the amount of ground you cover with those flights.

With this sale, you can get 22,000 miles for just $390.

Where Can You Fly?

Top business class seats in asiaamazing business class flights

Aegean classifies this region as “Far East” and these are the countries they locate in this region:

  • China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

When you look at a map with those countries, it covers a large space! Large space means some serious time in lie-flat beds, as much as over 7 hours on some routes!

amazing business class

The area covered by Aegean’s “Far East”

What Kind of Business Class Cabins Can You Fly?

The options are really wide open to you (depending on award availability, of course). You can fly for over 7 hours from Tokyo to Bangkok on Thai Airways A380, you could fly ANA’s own 787 on that same route, you could fly Singapore’s 787 or 777 business class, EVA’s business class, Asiana’s 747, and many more!

Courtesy of Thai Airways

Thai Airways business class

All of these great airlines have some of their flagship aircraft flying routes throughout this region of Asia and you could pick which one you want to fly on. For the longest flight times, obviously pick something at the north or south part of these region to the other end. In fact, you could pick other locations as well since most flights will go through hubs in Bankgok, Singapore, Seoul, or Tokyo.

What You Need to Know To Book These Business Class Flights

Search on United

United’s award calendar is really pretty great so start by shopping for your award flights there. After you find them…

Book with Aegean

Since you are using Aegean miles, you actually need to book these with Aegean. This can be done online and you start here. You will need to sign in and will need the 21,000 miles to search the business class flights.

amazing business class flights

All you will pay in cash is the minimal taxes, here less than $30 or so.

With Aegean, you only get one connection but it can be up to 24 hours! This means that you could fly Tokyo to Bali through Singapore or Bangkok, for example. This would allow you to have up to a 24 hour connection in either city (or another city like Taipei) so you get two stops for the price of one!

Want More? Fly First Class!

If you want to try out first class on some of these carriers, you can do that for just 40,000 miles. That would cost you $567 but it could be a nice experience if you want to see the best these airlines have to offer!


If you are visiting Asia, you could certainly get around on the low cost carrier for a lot less than $300. But if you were going to fly the full service carriers, you would probably pay close to that for economy on some of these legs – buy the miles with that money instead and try out business class!

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