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Fly the Awesome JetBlue Mint Lie-Flat Seat Cross-Country for $299

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Written by Charlie

For just $299, you can fly across the US and spend over 6 hours in the awesome lie-flat JetBlue Mint seats! Check out the city pairs and the dates available!

If you are traveling – or plan on traveling up through July – across the US, you may want to check out this great deal for JetBlue Mint. It is definitely going to be the cheapest and most comfortable way to cross the US at just $299 one way!

JetBlue Mint Sale

Link: Google Flights

While there are often many times that we have seen certain transcontinental routes available at a discount, this sale has wide-open availability on every day from mid-April until early July! Not only that, but it is available between a few city pairs.

Here are the city pairs that I have found this great deal available on. Keep in mind that this price is available both directions!

  • JFK – Seattle
  • JFK – Las Vegas
  • Boston – San Diego
  • Boston – Seattle

If you want to search on your own, use the already-set Google Flights link above to play around with the dates. There are a bunch available!

For just $299, you can spend over 6 hours in the air in the best business class seat on domestic flights! Oh, and some of these dates are just $13 more than an economy fare – for that extra $13, you get a lie-flat seat, an extra bag, and the total comfort you can expect from business class! 🙂

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