Finding Words About Malaysia Airlines 17

When tragedies like the crash today of Malaysia Airlines 17 occur, we find ourselves trying to put our thoughts into words in an effort to help others understand, even while we also try to help ourselves to understand. When it comes to the blogging arena in the miles/points/travel space, we all feel a connection to such a tragedy because of what was involved – people on an airplane doing what we do all the time. We somewhat picture it happening to us and then the flood of emotions that come imagining how we would feel if we had a loved one on the plane. Those emotions clash with the feeling of relief that we did not have a loved one on the plane, yet we feel guilty for that relief as well.

It is impossible to not say something about such a terrible incident like this, but I would not expect you to visit a blog for the breaking news of this situation. That is what there are news organizations for. I would not want you coming here to read my analysis on the situation – the truth is that there are experts that are far more versed in the circumstances surrounding this than I am. And, finally, I would not want you coming here to read my theories about what could have occurred. Not only do my thoughts on it matter nothing in the whole scheme, but for me to lend voice or words to such thoughts can do nothing good. I have been on the other side of this where a tragedy did occur and the media was all over it and had commentators on making some very unwise statements. As a person on that other end who was grieving at the loss of a loved one, I know that such conversation does not do anything to help us get through the situation. It only serves to cause us to dwell on the manner of death instead of the life that had been lived.

I appreciate you reading these ramblings and hope it makes some sense. I said all of that to say that I know we are in an age of information where we thirst for the knowledge and the inside scoop on situations. But, I will not be that source for all of the reasons outlined above. What I can say is that my thoughts and prayers are with all of the family and friends of the 298 people who lost their lives today in a horrific tragedy. Other than that, I have no words…

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