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Fare Sale: Book International Travel On Aegean From €30 ($34)

Aegean Fare Sale
Written by Charlie

Get a great deal with this Aegean fare sale for travel around Europe, Africa, and the Middle East!

Aegean is running a pretty great deal on their airline for international destinations. Since Aegean is a regional airline, “international” means Europe, a couple of cities in Africa, and some destinations in the Middle East. Aegean does not serve the US.

Book International Travel On Aegean From €30 ($34)

Aegean Fare Sale

But, if you are going to make it to Europe, taking advantage of this fare sale can be a nice way to get around. Aegean is a fantastic airline and they are definitely worth taking a look at. Not only that, but Aegean has also drawn a large group of elite members in the past due to their very lax elite requirements. Members under the previous program still have status through January of 2016 so it may make sense to book some tickets if in Europe.

No matter what, it is an easy way to burn up your business class upgrades (if you are a Gold member).

The Fare Sale

Aegean says this is an international fare sale “from €50” but that is not really correct. That price is for departures from Athens but if you depart from Thessaloniki (northern Greece), you can actually fly to cities they serve from only €30 (about $34). That is a really great price!

  • Offer is valid for direct flights to/from all international destinations – for one way and return flights.
  • Must book by September 24
  • Must travel between 11/1/2015 – 03/26/2016
  • The tiered discount is by dates:
    • 30% discount for direct flights from 11/1 – 01/10
    • 40% discount for direct flights from 1/11 – 3/26
  • Fares are the GoLight fares that do not include a checked bag (unless you are a Star Gold member). One hand luggage up to 8kg is allowed on GoLight fares.
  • Flight Search Link
Aegean Fare Sale

A sample of the fare sale from Aegean – only $34!

Why This Matters For US-Based Flyers

Business Class Upgrades

If you currently have Aegean Gold status, you have received 4 business class upgrades. While inter-European business class is not the best, it is certainly better than coach from a space/service/food standpoint. If you buy any of these very cheap fares, you can easily call in and upgrade to business class on that ticket! That means business class for as low as €30, if you have the upgrades! That is great!

Considering that there are many Aegean flights in excess of 3 hours long, getting a business class upgrade for those flights can be pretty nice. To find out more about your business class upgrades, check out this post.

Get Your Aegean Flights For Requalifying

But it also matters if you are wanting to requalify for Aegean Gold for 2016. In order to requalify, you need to fly 24,000 miles (not all partner/Aegean miles credit at 100%) in a year (ending November 24). If you fly only 4 Aegean flights, that number drops to 12,000 miles in the year. Find out more about the program here.

If you are visiting Europe anyway, just grab some of these cheap fares and enjoy the great Greek cuisine and beaches while knocking out your 4 Aegean flights. If you are connecting through Athens to another Greek city, you will have 2 flights right there. Book it as a roundtrip and you have all 4 flights. That leaves you with only 12,000 miles to retain your Star Alliance Gold status!


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