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EU Flight Deals: Greece to Israel from €15 and More Crazy Deals!

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Written by Charlie

Bounce around Europe with these amazing Ryanair flight deals! You can even fly from Greece to Israel for just €15! Find this and more deals here!

Let’s get this out of the way right now – these deals are with Ryanair. If you have never flown them before, you likely have heard some scary stories. But, when things go right, they are actually a really great way to get around Europe on the cheap! I mean, really, really cheap! Check out these cheap EU flight deals!

Great Ryanair Flight Deals – Greece to Israel from Just €15 and More!


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Earlier this year, they (unfortunately) withdrew from inter-Greece flights. This means that the cheap €10-15 flights to bounce around the Greek islands is no more but there are still some awesome places you can go for less than the cost of 2 Starbucks drinks (maybe even less than one Starbucks drink if you are buying it in Switzerland!).

While Ryanair normally does have some really great prices, we are entering the season when those prices get even better as the summer travel season is over. I decided to post this when I saw one of the cheapest ticket prices I had ever seen to Israel from Europe – just €15 for one way! Now, there are not a ton of dates with that price (mostly Fridays and Sundays) but that is just a ridiculous price!

I am also including some screenshots from Google Flights (with the links to those searches) from some other cities in Europe as well – Berlin, Madrid, London, Dublin, and Paris. Some of these prices are so good that you could easily justify hopping a flight to some new city on your next time to Europe and return either the next day to the city you are really visiting or keep that Ryanair train going by hopping to more cheap cities from there.


Flight deals from Paris (the BVA airport)




London (STN)


Booking the Deals

I would not go straight to the Ryanair site to buy these but click through from Google Flights instead. The reason is that the Ryanair site is not showing some of these flights if you are searching from a different point of sale country. By clicking straight through from Google Flights, it will load automatically for you.

Need to Know: If you have never flown Ryanair before, you need to know this – that ticket price puts you on the plane, nothing more. If you want a regular sized carryon to accompany you, that is going to cost extra. If you want to select a seat, that will cost more. If you want to have a bottle of water, that is going to cost. Checking a bag? Yep, that will cost, too.

In most situations, most of those fees will end up costing more than your ticket so consider possibly just living on the edge and letting the computer assign you a seat and live out of your backpack. 🙂

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