Etihad’s New Year’s Sale – Not As Good As The Christmas One!

Written by Charlie

Yesterday, many people got in on the fabulously cheap tickets with Etihad. I mean, under $190 for a roundtrip ticket from New York City to Abu Dhabi?! How about $270 for roundtrip from New York to Jonannesburg? Those were just a sampling of the worldwide fare deals available from Etihad during their “unadvertised sale” prices on Christmas Day.

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Hopefully, many readers secured some great tickets as a result of that deal of the day. Rule of the road (or the air) with fares like those are to book first and ask questions later. When booking a fare like through US online travel agencies (like Orbitz and Priceline), you have 24 hours to change your mind and cancel after the fact. Even if you don’t decide to cancel until later, chances are always very good that the airline will refund you the money from such a trip since they really don’t want you flying for that cheap anyway.

Etihad’s New Year’s Sale

Etihad sale

Since that incredible deal was available just yesterday, I found it somewhat ironic that Etihad sent out an e-mail today with the subject “New Year Sale – Starting from $849.” That is kind of funny since the prices yesterday, even to places like the Seychelles, weren’t anywhere near $800!

The e-mail went on to talk about the “fantastic discounts” they were offering in this New Year sale. 🙂

Etihad sale


Many people were able to get some of those exact tickets for hundreds less than this new sale. This is why you need to follow The Flight Deal to make sure you do not miss out on incredible deals like were offered yesterday!

So, what did you get yesterday? I heard from some readers of some pretty exciting trips upcoming – to travel halfway around the world for less than a flight to Florida from the Northeast!


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